War for the Obelisk


Mysterious Dig Site

Earthquake random event
At February 11th, an earthquake shook up Neopia! Three new random events showed up, all seeming to deal with an earthquake (they do actually shake your browser, just like the old earthquake random event used to do) and some place that looked like Tyrannia:

Mysterious Dig Site
At the same time, a new spot appeared on the map of the Tyrannian Plateau:

When you clicked on this new landmark, it would take you to a Mysterious Site. Here, during the earthquake, a funny rock formation has been discovered.

In the News, TNT tried to assure Neopians how there wasn't anything funny going on in Tyrannia at all...

Everybody duck and cover! There have been quite a few rumblings coming from Tyrannia today... Don't worry though, we have contacted the proper authorities. We are pretty certain it is nothing..

Digging has started

On the next day, February 12th, digging started. The Mysterious site has now been called Mysterious Dig Site. The weird rock formation that appeared there after the earthquake seems to be hiding some kind of mysterious obelisk! Digging crews from all over Neopia have been coming to help on digging it out.

Digging appears to be a very simple job. You click on the button 'DIG', that is now showing up on the digging site.

Once you've done your digging, a message will show up telling you have won a prize for your effort.

You are able to dig 4 times an hour, once per 15 minute segment, which means you can dig once between :00 and 14, once between :15 and :29,once between :30 and :44, and once between :45 and :59 every hour.

If you are trying to dig more done once during those 15 minutes, you will get message telling to have to take a break.

There is a limit how many times you can dig of 20 or 21 times a day.

Prizes you can get
When digging, you can get the following prizes. All seem to have some link with Tyrannia.

Battledome items

Amulet of Life

Amulet of Inevitable Betrayal

Ancient Scimitar

Elixir of Intellect

Fiery Bone Bow

Glowing Fire Axe

Glowing Maractite Trident

Ornate Maractite Dagger

Potion of Pestilence

Rock Mote

Scroll of Forgotten Promises

Steaming Skeem Potion

Wooden Flail

Ancient Shopping List Scroll

Cave Batterflies

Elephante Fossils

Guide to Ancient Structures

History of Dirt< /b>

Not-So-Disgusting Dung Uses

Speak Tyrannian

Tyrannian Adventure

Ugga Ugg Times

Authentic Tyrannian Coffee

Banana Candy Rock


Codestone Truffle

Dung Cookie

Dung Negg

Eggs on Rock

Grape Candy Rock

Gravel Cereal

Lime Candy Rock

Maractite Hot Dog

Orange Fizzy Gravel

Purple Fizzy Gravel

Raspberry Candy Rock

Rotten Omelette Sandwich

Red Fizzy Gravel

Sandy Sandwich

Solid Stone Pizza

Stone Roasted Vegetables

Twirly Fruit Fizzy Gravel

Tyrannian Bone

Tyrannian Brownies

Tyrannian Cookies

Tyrannian Flat Bread
Misc. items

Bone Flyswatter

Exfoliating Sand Soap

Sandy Body Wash

Sandy Bubble Bath

Stone Bass

Stone Ruler

Stone Triangle

Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush

Tyrannian Postcard

Tyrannian Rock Eraser

Tyrannian Stone Notebook





Tyrannian Babaa

Plushies and Toys

Box of Fake Gems

Green Grarrl Plushie

Miniature Sandbox

Orange Pteri Plushie

Stone in a box

Tyrannian Cybunny Plushie

Tyrannian Nimmo Plushie

Tyrannian Slorg Plushie

Yellow Chomby Plushie
Neohome Items

Bone Chair

Cave Rock

Dung Painting

Hewn Stone Sofa

Tyrannian Fur Rug

Pile of Dung Stamp

Tyrannian Usul Stamp

Ancient Archway Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Tribal Fence Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Mysterious obelisk was revealed

On February 14th, the digging at the Mysterious Dig Site ended. After all that digging a Mysterious Obelisk has appeared!

Mysterious Obelisk

Behold, an obelisk... how very mysterious. How long has this been sleeping beneath Neopia's surface?

Word has gotten around that something big has been discovered. Even now, forces are mobilising to investigate the obelisk... and perhaps, claim it for themselves.

The Neopets news has been updated about this as well:

Argh! You haven't been at the Mysterious Dig Site as of yet, have you? A strange obelisk has been unearthed and it is pulsating with an unsettling energy. Experts are advising all Neopians to stay away. We hope that nobody will suffer any ill effects from having been there...