War for the Obelisk


Team sign-ups

Sign-ups have started at the Mysteriuos Obelisk. There are six different factions to choose from and they all have their own reasons to claim the Obelisk.

The following factions want to get their hands on the Obelisk:

In order to join a factions, simply click on the 'join'-button below the team on the Mysterious Obelisk page. Now the leader of the team will ask if you are really sure to join. Once you have confirmed this, you have joined a factions!

Team Leaders
Thieves guild

You, join the Thieves Guild? Heh, why not. I could use someone like you. You can stand there and look impressive while we rob everyone.
The Sway

You weren't followed, were you? Good. Help yourself to the hot cocoa. We have much to discuss -- that is, if you're willing to swear your allegiance.
Order of the Red Erisim

Splendid, we could use some new blood around here. You'd better be trained, though. We won't waste time; there's an obelisk waiting.
Brute Squad

Do you have what it takes to join the Brute Squad? If people regularly run screaming when you enter the Battledome, you've come to the right place.

Well -- here you are, and here we are, with the greatest collection of minds Neopia has ever known. Don't be shy. We have much to teach you.

Welcome. We are glad you are here
for the awakening of all our friends.
There is much we must do to claim
the mysterious obelisk. Will you join us?

You'll have a week to choose a factions. The war will start at February 28!