The Perilous Catacombs


While your pet and Kell where busy working on the right Melody, Corin tracked the monster underground, to the Neovian Catacombs.
After gathering some more information about the catacombs from Baffington the Kacheek, you, together with Kell and Corbin, make your way into the Neovian underground. You start the puzzle by clicking on the 'The Perilous Catacombs' button at the end of the page.

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Whenever you choose the wrong action, you will be hit by a curse. Some of these will hinder your progress while others are actually quite helpful.

Curse Effect
Curse of Apathy Stops the next curse from taking effect
Curse of Barrel Roll The map on the catacombs will start to spin in circles, while the text 'Barrel Roll' will appear on it.
Curse of Cleansing Makes it possible for you to remove one curse from the list
Curse of Clobbering Anything that is not a physical action will not work.
Curse of Clumsiness Sneaking into rooms will fail.
Curse of Craving Makes you devour one of your treasures
Curse of Cursed Treasure The next piece of treasure you pick up will lay a curse on you
Curse of Distraction You will forget the to take the next piece of treasure with you
Curse of Fatigue You cannot continue to the next floor while the curse is in effect
Curse of Feebleness Stomping and bursting through doors will not work
Curse of Foresight You will be able to see what is behind a door
Curse of Inversion The map of the catacombs will be turned upside-down
Curse of Kleptomania Next time you receive a treasure you will take a second item with you
Curse of Lethargy Makes the screens between each step load slower for you.
Curse of Longevity Makes other curses last longer.
Curse of Meepitude The next room you enter will be filled with Meepits cursing you
Curse of Mystery ?
Curse of Narcolepsy The map will turn dark, with only a blinking eye lighting up on in.
Curse of Sarcasm The option 'Offer your services as a mediator' will not work.
Curse of Shrinkage The map will shrink into a smaller size
Curse of Snow All of the text on the map will turn white (you can still see it by selecting it)
Curse of the Pant Devil The Pant Devil steals one of your treasures
Curse of Tyranu Evavu All the text on the screen will change into 'Tyranu Evavu'

How some curses look
There are a couple of curses that will affect your map:

Curse of Tyranu Evavu

Curse of Snow

Curse of Snow (with text selected)

Curse of Narcolepsy

Curse of Fatigue
This is a curse that is almost impossible to avoid. It will prevent you from going to the next level as long as it is at work. The first few times, this will only be a short time, several seconds up to a minute. However, this will go up, and you'll be cursed for several minutes, or hours. It's not uncommon to be cursed for 7 or 15 hours.

You will notice how every day, at first the curse will last for only seconds, up to a minute, but the longer you're going through the catacombs, you'll find yourself being cursed for hours, until you hit the point where you've been cursed for so long that you are no longer able to play for that day. The next day, you'll find the same pattern will repeat itself.

Most likely, the Curse of Fatigue is acting like a safeguard to prevent you from doing all the steps of the puzzle at once, forcing you to spread it out over several days instead.

There is a way where you can work around the Curse of Fatigue. This happens when you're hit with a Curse of Cleansing. This nifty curse will allow you to remove one of your curses. Do not use it, until you're hit with a Curse of Fatigue that acts for several hours. Once you've been hit, you finish the level as usual, then remove the curse, after which you are going to the exit.

Curse of Meepitude
Getting hit by this curse means that, whatever question you'll get for the next room, whether you choose the correct answer or not, the next room will be filled with Meepits.


And because they are Meepits, they will curse you with another (random) curse.