The Perilous Catacombs


While your pet and Kell where busy working on the right Melody, Corin tracked the monster underground, to the Neovian Catacombs.
After gathering some more information about the catacombs from Baffington the Kacheek, you, together with Kell and Corbin, make your way into the Neovian underground. You start the puzzle by clicking on the 'The Perilous Catacombs' button at the end of the page.

[Inside the catacombs | The Rooms | Curses| Faced Door| Runic Door| Prizes]

Inside the catacombs

When you start your exploration of the catacombs, the floor is completely dark except the stairs you came from.

Your goal is to make your way across the map and find the exit to move on to the next level. It's unknown how many levels there are, but so far, more than 50 have been reported.

Click on the small door to make your way to the next room.

After clicking on the door you will hear some noises comingemenating from the next room and you will be given three options on how to continue. The will always only be one right action to take.

If you choose the correct action you will be rewarded with a treasure, if you choose wrongly the occupants of the room will hit you with a curse.

Note: Even with getting cursed all the time, you're still able to make your way across the map, although some curse will make it harder for you to do so.

Make your way across the floor to the stairs on the opposite corner to continue to the next floor. You do not have to take the stairs right away, if you still have rooms left to explore you might want to check there out first. Once you leave a floor you cannot turn back.

If you move on to the next floor you can choose between 1-3 treasures to keep. The rest will be taken by Kell and Corbin as "payment". If you've found 1-4 treasures, you can keep 1. If you've found 5-8, you can keep to and 9 or more will let you keep 3 treasure.

There are some special rooms you will run across when going through the catacombs.

The Runic Door is the NC Mall part of this event. This is optional: you can do the The Perilous Catacombs without having to do the NC Mall part as well.

This door with a face with start showing up around level 28. It will ask you riddle-like questions. Just like the other doors, you'll get a prize when the answer is correct and will be cursed when the answer is wrong.

Around level 18-20, you'll start spotting the monster for the first time: