Spooky Food Eating Contest

Background Story


Upon reaching the stairs to go down to the next level, you find the monster looking over a plushie.

Found you!

There are three options you can chose from.

  • Lure the monster into a three circuit trap with lasers, tripwires, and that Week Old Glass of Milk you've been carefully transporting all over the catacombs without spilling
  • Throw a rock at the monster's head
  • Flee in terror!

If you chose to flee, the monster will stay on the map. You will not be able to advance more. Whether you go overboard with traps, or throw a rock you anger the monster. Corbin collects himself quickly and asks you to set up the flowers and Kell supports his notion.

Now you've angered me.

From there all there is to do is click on the button that says, "Oh, right! Play the melody" and the monster falls asleep. Kell and Corbin capture the monster.

Capturing the Monster

Corbin, much to Kell's heartbreak, tells you to keep all the treasure this time, so be sure to claim all treasure for that level.

To Be Continued