The Perilous Catacombs


While your pet and Kell where busy working on the right Melody, Corin tracked the monster underground, to the Neovian Catacombs.
After gathering some more information about the catacombs from Baffington the Kacheek, you, together with Kell and Corbin, make your way into the Neovian underground. You start the puzzle by clicking on the 'The Perilous Catacombs' button at the end of the page.

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Faced Door

This door will start showing up around level 28. It will ask you riddle-like questions. Just like the other doors, you'll get a prize when the answer is correct and will be cursed when the answer is wrong.

Question Correct Answer
What wears a bow in the morning, but glasses at night? Xweetok
Inside, a staircase. Outside, clouds float by. Inside, treasure. Outside, no door is spied. The Hidden Tower
A cup that fills itself but once a year with the sound of many cheers. What is it? Altador Cup
My first is in haunted but never in good. My second is in eerie but never in ichor. My third is in lucky but never in quicker. My last is in peril but never in woods. What am I? Help
What breaks apart, comes back together, and hands out morphing potions? Krawk Island
A tongue that wags without lips or teeth, amusing the trees it wanders beneath. Dribblet
It goes up, it is sold; it goes down below ten and five, it sits there and grows old. Stock
Rattle bones, flutter sheets, sink fangs, hand out treats. Halloween
Two things are constant above all else in Neopia. What are they? Kreludor and Virtupets
They punished pride and claimed the Obelisk's first light, with methods cloaked in the shadows of night. Sway