Spooky Food Eating Contest


Now that the plot has ended, clicking on the Spooky Food Eating Contest page will bring you to the prizes.

Site theme and avatar

The site theme was available for everyone who participated in the event, even if you only did one step.

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There was also an avatar given out. It's unknown at the moment what you had to do exactly to obtain this avatar.

Monster Hunting

This avatar was rewarded for participating in the Spooky Food Eating Contest/Monster Hunting event.

Not all who participated in the plot were awarded with the avatar. The exact qualifications are unknown.


curses and cultists; no problem  ☠
☗ the jelly blob is what scares me


Additional prizes
Six different items were given out for further prizes. There were sereval criteria for them to obtain.


Corbin & Kell Bobblehead
Awarded for participating.

Spooky Food Eating Contest: The True Story
Awarded for cheering a certain amount of times during the Spooky Food Contest (exact amount unknown).

Wakey Wakey Juice
Awarded for completing all the Magical Melody puzzles.

Awarded for completing a certain amount of floors in the Catacombs (believed to be at 20).

Handy mDB Experiometer

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Awarded when you all got 4 previous prizes.

Tamed Mini-Monster
It's still unknown what you needed to do to get this prize.

On top of everything else, you would also get an amount of Neopoints. This was 2500 NP if you'd get 1 prize, 5000 NP if you'd get 2 prizes, 10,000 NP for 3 prizes and 15,000 NP for 5 or 6 prizes.
(Getting the first 4 prizes would automatically give you the Handy mDB Experiometer as well, making it a total of 5 prizes)