The Magic Melody


The Magic Melody is a puzzle step the follows the dramatic events that happened after the Spooky Food Eating Contest. It can be found on the Spooky Food Eating Contest pages. If you haven't started on anything dealing with the Spooky Food Eating Contest yet, it's advised to read all the five pages to see what it is all about before you'll solve the puzzle. Kell, the Wocky, is telling your active Pet to volunteer to help him with an experiment. With the use of a special kind of flowers, that will produce magical music, he hopes to be able to make the monster fall asleep. Your active neopet is somewhat suspicious about this: Kell seems to know a little too much about this just by accident and besides, your active pet was here just for the free paint brushes. Still anyway, it's seems it's time to help Kell out.

You start the puzzle by clicking on the 'The Magic Melody' button at the end of the page.

The Magic Melody
You will be presented with four plants on the table. When they are in the right order, they will produce a kind of music that will hopefully make the monster fall asleep. To solve the Magic Melody puzzle, you will have to place the plants in the right order. What the right order is, is random for everyone.

The two important tools for solving the puzzle are the lever on the left side of the picture and the plants in the diagram. There are four plants, that are each in their own separate row.

You can click on the plants to lift them up and drag them to another part of their row. You can only move the plants around in their own rows, not on other parts of the diagram. You can see how you can move around the plants in the image below. Colours have been added to the image to show where you can move around each plant.

The lever is another important control. It controls the fan, that will blow on the plants, who will produce the magical melody. You can simply click on the lever to make it work.

When you do so, the plants will begin to bloom and a sound will play (you can click on 'mute' to turn this off).

After it has played, Kell will tell you how much mDB you are away from the right melody. This is important to know, because it will help you determine how far you are in solving the puzzle.

The size of the puzzle looks like it increases everyday, making it slightly more difficult to complete each time.

Day One - 4 x 7
Day Two - 5 x 7
Day Three - 6 x 7
Day Four - 7 x 7
Day Five - 8 x 9
Day Six - 9 x 9
Day Seven - 10 x 9

Solving the puzzle
To start solving the puzzle, click on the lever. This will tell you how far you are away from the right melody. This will be quite a lot, like 14 mDB, most of the time. For the later puzzles, it might be even more.

Now, you choose a plant in the row of your choice, and move it one place up or down. Once you have done so, you play the music again. If the mDB has gone down, like from 14 mDB to 13mDB, you're on the right track and you can continue moving the plant a space in the direction you were going. If this is not the case, try moving the plant in the opposite direction instead.

Moving the plant up:

Moving the plant down:

Keep in mind you are trying to reach 0mDB, so you are making progress when the number goes down. Sometimes it might be hard to move the plants around, especially when they are clustered together.

Keep playing the music every time you move your plant a space, to see if you're still making progress. You do so, until you reach the point where you're moving away from the right melody again. So if you were at 6mDB first, and moving the plant brings you back to 7mDB, you know how you plant was at its best position at it's previous stage. Place the plant back into that previous position and start moving on to the next row.

You'll repeat the process of moving a plant one space at the time and checking the music afterward to see if you are making progress for all the four rows. While doing so, you'll see your mDB going down:

Eventually, you'll hit the point where you reach the perfect melody:

The magic melody must be working perfectly, for you are feeling very sleepy now and fall asleep:

The following prizes are awarded for solving the puzzle:

Prizes - Day 1


Creepy Spring Salad

Dark Nova Fruit

Eye of Mortog Soup

Flowers and Coffee

Garlicy Mushrooms

Ghost Negg

Ghostmallow Smore

Lemonberry Ice Lolly

Lightning Bolt Lollypop

Mutant Milkshake

Pumpkin Negg

Raisin Custard Pie

The Blue Chomby Burger

Wocky Tacos

Prizes - Day 2

Fire Chomby Plushie

Ghost Goldy Bath Toy

Ghost Hissi Plushie

Halloween Meerca Balloon

Halloween Zafara Puppet

Hubrid Nox Pinata

Hubrid Nox Plushie

Maraquan Chef Plushie

Purple Wocky Plushie

Shadow Chomby Plushie

Spotted Ogrin Plushie

Tea Time Cybunny Plushie

Wind Up Chomby Toy

Yellow Chomby Model Kit

Prizes - Day 3

Acara Nightmare

Chesterdrawers Antique Almanac Vol. IV

Chia Ghost Stories

Chomby Diary

Cooking With A Bomberry

Emo Poetry


Learning To Sing Notes

Mummified Ruki History

Musical Math

Mutations in Kacheeks

The Haunted Bell Tower

The Mischevious Mutant Tonu

Zombie Handbook

Prizes - Day 4

Blue Kyrii Morphing Potion

Carafe of Corruption

Condensed Faerie Essence

Decanter of Death

Illusen Day Elixir

Orange Kougra Morphing Potion

Red Poogle Morphing Potion

Slorg Slime

Speckled Moehog Morphing Potion

Vial of Vile

Prizes - Day 5

Deadly Pugio

Earth Faerie Bow

Earth Faerie Slingshot

Elegant Ray Gun

Emerald Sword

Essence of Esophagor

Ghostkerchief Hammer

Leaded Earth Vial

Light Faerie Shield

Maractite Water Cannon

Shovel Plus

Silver Butter Knife

Silver Sai

Sparkling Bonbori Hammers

Staff of the Earth Faerie

Prizes - Day 6

Brown Suit Coat

(Click to Preview)

Dripping Ink Frame

(Click to Preview)

Flowery Pink Parasol

(Click to Preview)

Golden Water Fountain

(Click to Preview)

Haunted Wood Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Leather Bodice

(Click to Preview)

Malevolent Tombstones

(Click to Preview)

Neovian Serving Trolley

(Click to Preview)

Old Cobwebs Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Old Stone Wall Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Skeletal Hands Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Smarmy Monocle

(Click to Preview)

Strange Blue Mist

(Click to Preview)

Prizes - Day 7


Clay Buzzer



Glowing Wadjet

Green Tentacle



Plushie Miamouse


Robot Abominable Snowball