Spooky Food Eating Contest

Background Story


It all started at the Spooky Food Eating Contest. This was hosted in Neovia from 25th September until 1st October. After this, the Red Yurble Scarlet was named the winner.

Everything seemed fine and the contest was called a huge success. Then things started to go weird, when Scarlett suddenly transformed into a monster!

The monster destroyed everything at the Spooky Food Eating Contest, then it disappeared into Neovia.

As it turned out, the monster had disguised itself as Scarlet, but it's true nature had been revealed due to a potion that had been put into the Spooky Food. This was the work of Kell, a Wocky, and Corbin, an Ogrin, two brothers who have been hunting down the monster. Their plan worked fine to some extend: the monster was revealed, but now they had put it loose on Neovia.

Now Kell and Corbin have to trace down the monster, who, unlike the Neovians seem to think, isn't just a random monster from the Haunted Woods. Kell thinks the potion they gave to the monster might not have been strong enough for it, or it might have been diluted by the Spooky Food. That was the flaw in their plan...

However, Kell is having another plan now to track down the monster, and it seems contest judge Tippens is happy to provide all the help he can give the two brothers. After a bit of persuading, that is...