The Faeries' Ruin Plot



Getting out of Castle Nox alive will seem easy in comparison to the heroes' next challenges... which threaten to change the face of Neopia forever!

The Chapter 6 comic continues our story as the heroes have escaped from Castle Nox.

The group of heroes have tied Hanso to a tree while they decide what to do with him. While they are discussing how to locate Nox, Hanso spots a strange disturbance in the sky. It seems that with the faeries turned to stone, the magic that keeps Faerieland hovering safely above Neopia is breaking down. Hanso suggests that they start by fighting the creepy shadows that have appeared.

This part of the plot is a battle step. You will have to fight monsters to unlock the fearless deeds. Opponents are released in waves, you can see this on the battle status page. A wave must fully be defeated for the next one to appear. Of course you do not have to beat a wave all by yourself. The results of all Neopians participating in this plot are added together.

Besides the number of challengers in each wave that must be eliminated, there is also a personal goal that you could try and reach, this is called your 'cap'. After having defeated a number of opponents, your Plot page will say (cap reached). This means you can keep fighting opponents, but it will no longer add to your personal score, only to the general score of beating the wave. The cap is set at 50 for Shadow Wraith Minions, at 40 for Shadow Wraith Brutes and at 30 for the Shadow Wraith Furies.

To start beating opponents, visit the Battledome and choose a pet that has weapons equipped, is not sick and is not hungry. Then click on the opponent you wish to battle.

If there are no opponents currently available, the message below the opponent name will read "(None left in Neopia)".

If you click too slowly when they are available, the message will read:
"Sorry, there are no more Shadow Wraith Minion left in Neopia!
Try challenging another opponent.
If this happens, you should wait for a little while. The monsters will appear in waves, and another wave will probably follow soon.

Fearless Deeds
Into the Fray
Ambushed in the woods by strange, ethereal wraiths, the heroes find themselves surrounded and outnumbered. Get to the Battledome and help them!
How to Get: Complete the 3 sub deeds below.
A Winner Is You!
Good, you managed to avoid stabbing yourself. Now get back into the fight!
How to Get: Defeat one of the minions in the Battledome.

Stand Your Ground
A good defense is the best... defense.
How to Get: Defend yourself three or more times in a row during battle. Tip: Use Defend and equip your Pet with a defensive weapon. Some cheap ones are Warriors Round Shield, Wooden Blocking Shield or Sturdy Blue Shield.
Five of a Kind
If this keeps up, we'll win this battle in no time.
How to Get: Beat or draw five of each type of Wraith in the Battledome.

Visit our Battledome Challengers page for more information about the monsters below.

Battledome Opponents

Shadow Wraith Minion
Difficulty = 8
Cap = 50

Shadow Wraith Brute
Difficulty = 25
Cap = 40

Shadow Wraith Fury
Difficulty = 40
Cap = 30


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