The Faeries' Ruin Plot



Brynn may have found a clue to saving Faerieland, but with Brightvale under attack, will she and Hanso be able to reunite with the heroes?

The Chapter 8 comic picks up our story as Brynn returns to Hanso's cell with the book she found in the library. It contains a picture of an artefact that looks like the one Hanso took from Xandra, but larger. Their conversation is interrupted by the sounds of battle just outside the window. Brynn goes off to see if she can help, leaving the book with Hanso. He wastes no time in escaping.

This part of the plot is a battle step. You will have to fight monsters to unlock the fearless deeds. Opponents are released in waves, you can see this on the battle status page. A wave must fully be defeated for the next one to appear. Of course you do not have to beat a wave all by yourself. The results of all Neopians participating in this plot are added together.

Besides the number of challengers in each wave that must be eliminated, there is also a personal goal that you could try and reach, this is called your 'cap'. After having defeated a number of opponents, your Plot page will say (cap reached). This means you can keep fighting opponents, but it will no longer add to your personal score, only to the general score of beating the wave. The cap is set differently for the varioius challengers.

To start beating opponents, visit the Battledome and choose a pet that has weapons equipped, is not sick and is not hungry. Then click on the opponent you wish to battle.

If there are no opponents currently available, the message below the opponent name will read "(None left in Neopia)".

If you click too slowly when they are available, the message will read:
"Sorry, there are no more Shadow Wraith Minion left in Neopia!
Try challenging another opponent.
If this happens, you should wait for a little while. The monsters will appear in waves, and another wave will probably follow soon.

Fearless Deeds
The Battle of Brightvale
Just as Brynn and Hanso began to examine the book, suddenly a swarm of wraiths descended upon Brightvale. King Hagan's defenders are overwhelmed—get to the Battledome before it's too late!
How to Get:
The Welcoming Committee
These new spectres got what's coming to them.
How to Get: Win or draw against one of each of these Shadow Spectres: Destroyer, Conqueror and Zealot.
Six Up, Six Down
Queue up, please! We haven't got all day.
How to Get: Win or draw against all Spectres ONCE in order of appearence on the table (Minion, Destroyer, Brute, Conquer, Fury, Zealot). You can lose while battling, but you still have to win/draw against that opponent in order to get this achievement. Be sure to keep in order!
Caution is normal, so don't jump to fierce conclusions.
How to Get: Use each of the attack options at least once (cautious, normal, jumping and fierce attack). This can be against any challenger or multiple challengers (it does not have to be within one battle).

Visit our Battledome Challengers page for more information about the monsters below.

Battledome Opponents

Shadow Spectre Minion
Difficulty = 8
Cap = 50

Shadow Spectre Destroyer
Difficulty = 50
Cap = 40

Shadow Spectre Brute
Difficulty = 25
Cap = 50

Shadow Spectre Conqueror
Difficulty = 75
Cap = 30

Shadow Spectre Fury
Difficulty = 40
Cap =

Shadow Spectre Zealot
Difficulty = 100
Cap =


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