The Faeries' Ruin Plot

WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 17


With Xandra and Hanso turned to stone and the artefact destroyed, will the faeries return to normal, or is all hope finally lost?

The Chapter 17 comic finds Brynn in tears staring at Hanso, who has been turned to stone. Altador and a recently un-petrified Fyora want to know what has happened.

After Brynn tells them the story, Fyora finds enough strength to free Hanso. She explains that the Faeries' magic protects Neopia by keeping the evil forces at bay. Hanso explains that he knew that the artefact could be overloaded, since he had plenty of time to read through the book he'd been carrying. Brynn rushes in and hugs him.

The plot is over, but the puzzles will still be available until the end of the day NST on 31 December. (That is, until 2010-12-31 23:59:59.) As soon as it's 2011, the puzzles will be disabled so that we can tally scores. So complete those achievements while you still can!


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