The Faeries' Ruin Plot



Hanso tells his version of how the faeries were turned to stone, and the group enlists the help of a new ally—one who isn't completely unfamiliar to Hanso...

To participate in this plot step, read the comic.

Hanso begins to tell a story of Hubrid Nox using an artefact and chanting some sort of curse on the faeries. The group decides to visit the renowned scholar Xandra, who is researching at the Faerieland library. She remembers Hanso, apparently he's stolen from her before! Hanso decides to tell his side of the story.

Plot step:
Click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the comic and you're taken to the Library where you play Hanso and try to outrun Xandra, while picking up artefacts and other loot along the way.

There are three plot unlockables in this step, and several books you can receive as bonus items.

You can complete the 3 fearless deeds in the same attempt and save yourself some time of repeating. Just grab all 4 of the glowing artifacts around the map (don't forget you can move diagonally), dont pick up the books, and then make your way towards the door.

Odds are Xandra will be chasing you around enough while you are gathering the artifacts that you will get right next to her sometime and complete the third fearless deed 'Proximity Warning' in the process of collecting the four glowing green items and then heading to the door. If she doesn't stand next to you in the process of collecting the artifacts, you can always try again when you go for the books, or even when you're not really trying to collect anyting.

Fearless Deeds
The Artefact Thief
Hanso, a well-known rogue and thief, breaks into an old library inhabited by Xandra, a renowned scholar, and steals several valuable artefacts.
How to Get: Complete the 3 sub deeds below.
Ooh, Shiny
Pick up the artefact that started this whole mess.
How to Get: Pick up the mirror, you don't have to get to the door to unlock this.

The Task at Hand
Avoid being distracted by irrelevant fripperies.
How to Get: Collect the four glowing artefacts and no books and get to the door.
Proximity Warning
Narrowly escape Xandra's scholarly wrath.
How to Get: Stand immediately next to Xandra at some point and still get to the door.

After you complete the 3 deeds, you can click the play again button to go back and get the books at that time. To collect the books, you must collect all 4 artefacts and get to the door in the same attempt to have the books show up in your inventory. You can repeat this more than once, but any books you have collected already will not appear in the library again. You can collect three different spooky books (not newly released items) from this plot step. The three books that you can collect from this activity are:

Haunted Mynci

Inside a Haunted Tomb

Dark Faerie Secrets

If you have some time, and you want to take it easy, this could be a good approach:
  1. Collect all artifacts but no books and go to the door.
  2. Collect all artifacts and books and go to the door.
  3. Stand next to Xandra and go to the door.

If you make it to the door successfully

"Hey, that's not what happened! I made sure to grab every artefact in the place before I got out of there! Here's how it really went down..."

"Well, sure, I tried to zap you, but I never actually hit you! I did end up scorching a few books, though... Anyway, this is what really happened..."


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