The Faerie's Ruin Plot

Background Info


Below there is an overview of all the characters that we currently know are involved in the plot.


Hanso is an Ixi thief who was thrilled to find a festival full of faeries who were unable to protect their valuables! He clearly knows Brynn and is looking forward to having the team of heroes pay him well for his information.

Brynn is a Kougra sent by King Hagan to investigate. She knows Hanso and is very surprised to see him here. (Hanso has called her "Brynneth" and "Princess". Hmmm.)
King Altador

King Altador needs no introduction. He's quite concerned about the Faeries and is willing to trust Hanso.
King Jazan

King Jazan first made his appearance in the Lost Desert Plot. He appears in the Gallery of Evil as "Cursed Jazan", although he's believed to be good at this time. He's not quite thrilled to take advice from a thief.

Xandra is a well-known scholar. She's run into Hanso before, when he broke into her library and stole some artefacts.
Hubrid Nox

Hubrid Nox is a classic villain who lives in a fortress the Haunted Woods. He can also be spotted as the enemy of MAGAX and a formidable opponent in NeoQuest II. Nox has his own entry in the Gallery of Evil.

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