The Faeries' Ruin Plot

WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 12


Reunited with their companions, Brynn, Hanso, and Xandra must begin the ritual to break the spell on Neopia's faeries. Will magic be on their side, or will they be overrun by the strange creatures first?

The Chapter 12 comic picks up our story as Brynn is explaining to Altador and the group why she believes all of Neopia is in danger. It seems that the well-being of the Faeries is crucial to the whole of Neopia. Xandra believes she can reverse the spell, so the group moves to a clearing in the Haunted Woods. Hanso and Brynn help Xandra by holding the artefact while she begins the process. Altador and the others must keep the shadows at bay.

Oblivion, a new battledome challenger has appeared. This challenger has a 100000 difficulty and beating him seems to be a team effort.

Fearless Deeds
These Faerless deeds can be obtained while battleing Oblivion.
How to Get:
Fight Me Once, Shame On You
Fight me more than once, and earn a chance to win valuable cash prizes! ...Maybe.
How to Get: Fight Oblivion once and lose (it's not confirmed wether winning a drawing will work too, since no one yet won or drew against him.
The Three Phases of Evil
He's good at everything... just not at the same time
How to Get: Each time you battle Oblivion, he has random icons next to his name. You'll need to end a fight with him three times with different icons all the time. The icons change about every half an hour. Note: When a phase change occurs, icons may stay the same.
You're Doing It Wrong
Stop healing him, you cowards!
How to Get: Use a weapon against Oblivion that only does damamge in the same type of icons as the one on the right of his name. So if the icon on the right is air, use a weapon that only does does in air icons.
Some cheap suggestions:
Air: Cheap Air Ring.
Fire: Cheap Fire Ring.
Earth: Cheap Earth Ring.
Water: Cheap Water Ring.
Light: Scroll of Moon Light.
Dark: Brain Tree Root

This part of the plot has a battle step and a puzzle step. The puzzle step can be found at the Plain of Peace. Here you can choose to help Xandra search through the artefact book or help reinforce the barrier shield.

For help with these puzzle steps please go to our The Plain of Peace Guide.

Fearless Deeds
The Plain of Peace
The ritual is underway, but the heroes will need a great deal of help if they are to stop Faerieland from sinking further! Join them now to help Xandra complete the ritual, and to protect her, Hanso, and Brynn from the terrible shadow phantoms.
How to Get:
Errand Spelling
It's so handy having thousands of minions every time something puzzling comes up.
How to Get: Decode one page of the book and participate in one successful barrier team.
Cast Away
Everyone gets an achievement! Even this inanimate carbon rod!
How to Get: Visit the Plain of Peace page. It looks like it's only available when Xandra's casting a spell. You'll get this achievement even if you didn't participate in any parts of this plot step.
Jack of All Stations
I swear, if I get stunned one more time...
How to Get: Be part of a successful barrier team in each of the four roles: Guidance, Stabilization, Containment, Suppression.

For the battle step, You will have to fight monsters to unlock the fearless deeds. Opponents are released in waves, you can see this on the battle status page. A wave must fully be defeated for the next one to appear. Of course you do not have to beat a wave all by yourself. The results of all Neopians participating in this plot are added together.

Besides the number of challengers in each wave that must be eliminated, there is also a personal goal that you could try and reach, this is called your 'cap'. After having defeated a number of opponents, your Plot page will say (cap reached). This means you can keep fighting opponents, but it will no longer add to your personal score, only to the general score of beating the wave. The cap is set differently for the various challengers.

To start beating opponents, visit the Battledome and choose a pet that has weapons equipped, is not sick and is not hungry. Then click on the opponent you wish to battle.

If there are no opponents currently available, the message below the opponent name will read "(None left in Neopia)".

If you click too slowly when they are available, the message will read:
"Sorry, there are no more Shadow Wraith Minion left in Neopia!
Try challenging another opponent.
If this happens, you should wait for a little while. The monsters will appear in waves, and another wave will probably follow soon.

Fearless Deeds
The Shattered Plain
Brynn, Hanso, and Xandra have found the completed artefact, and meet up with King Altador and the other heroes, only to find a battle already in progress. The ritual to unfreeze the faeries and save Faerieland must be completed before all is lost.
How to Get:
The Phantoms' Menace
Wars not make one great.
How to Get: Win or draw with at least one of each battledome challengers from this plot step.
Medium Rare
I found this one in the bargain bin!
How to Get: Use a weapon with a rarity between 45 and 50 in a battle against any of the opponents. An example of a working item is the Trumpet of Blasting.
It's a Magic Number
Then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less.
How to Get: Defeat one of the battledome opponents in exactly 3 turns.

Visit our Battledome Challengers page for more information about the monsters below.

Battledome Opponents

Shadow Phantom Minion
Difficulty = 8
Cap = 50

Shadow Phantom Destroyer
Difficulty = 50
Cap = 40

Shadow Phantom Commander
Difficulty = 150
Cap = 30

Shadow Phantom Brute
Difficulty = 25
Cap = 45

Shadow Phantom Conqueror
Difficulty = 75
Cap = 35

Shadow Phantom Annihilator
Difficulty = 200
Cap = 25

Shadow Phantom Fury
Difficulty = 40
Cap = 40

Shadow Phantom Zealot
Difficulty = 100
Cap = 30

Shadow Phantom Tormentor
Difficulty = 250
Cap = 20


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