The Faeries' Ruin Plot



Hanso comes face to face with Hubrid Nox himself! Can the heroes capture Nox and reverse the spell, or will he make a clever escape?

In Chapter 4, Hanso talks with Hubrid Nox in his castle. Nox looks in a crystal ball and sees King Altador and Xandra on their way, so he runs away and sets a trap for Hanso. Brynn joins Hanso, and is angry that he let Nox go. Hanso and Brynn escape through a secret passageway.

A new location has appeared on the Deserted Fairgrounds map: Castle Nox.

The door on the left is the plot puzzle, the door on the right is a new NC Mall feature.

Choose the door on the left to get to Castle Nox - Master Control Platform and the plot step.

"The heroes, divided into three groups, are trapped in Castle Nox, and it's up to Hanso and Brynn to get them out. This contraption seems like it'll do the trick... but how does it work?"

The Master Control Platform consists of a map of the four-story Castle Nox (basement, ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor). You can use the arrows to switch between floors. On each floor there are rooms, which are separated by doors. The doors come in three different colours (red, blue and green).

The map also contains three brass pegs, these represent your heroes. The pegs will be scattered around the house (on different floors). There are also lots of brown circles that do not hold a brass peg. This means that none of your heroes is in that room at the moment, with the circle indicating where your peg would be displayed.

There are various icons around the rooms, with symbols like an ice cream cone, a skull, and wadjets. These can be good or bad. Bad icons have negative effects on your icon and will make you lose a turn, these are:

Good icons have no effect, these are the ice cream and usukis:

Then there's also the Key icon, which you need to finish the game:

There are five knobs on the bottom that can each be set to one of the three colours. The mission is to use the knobs to open coloured doors in sequence, reuniting your heroes and finding the gold exit door on the ground floor. How does this work? In each turn, you can set all five cobs to open doors. If you set the first knob to red, all red doors will temporarily open and your heroes can move through the red door to the next room. Since you can set 5 knobs each turn, your hero can move through 5 rooms each turn. In the example below, you want to move your peg to the ice cream room.

First door is blue, so you set your knob to blue, then green, blue, red, and finally you open the door to the ice cream room with blue. You can set the knobs by clicking on them multiple times. Each time you click the arrow will move up a colour.

You should try to unite your pegs, when two or more are in one room, they will transform into one peg, which makes it a lot easier to go around the castle. When your pegs are united and you've collected the key, you can exit the castle by going to the golden door (opened by the golden key). The golden door is on the right side wall of the ground floor.

Tip: The doors before and after stairs are always the same colour, they open at the same time, allowing you to run through from the room before the stairs to the room after the stairs. So if the door before the stairs is green, the door after the stairs will be green also. By setting one knob to green, you move through both doors.

Fearless Deeds
Nox's Locks
The heroes are trapped in Nox's castle! But Hanso and Brynn have found some kind of strange machine that might let them help the others escape.
How to Get: Complete the 3 sub deeds below.
We All Scream
Everyone loves an ice-cold bowl of Chintzy Mynci... even Hubrid Nox.
How to Get: Each of the three heroes must pass through the ice cream room before exiting. Can be done with the pegs separated or united as a group.

Fort Nox
There's gold in them thar halls!
How to Get: Find the treasure (not marked with an icon) in one of the rooms. This may take a lot of wandering!
And One For All
"After you." "No, after you." "No, I insist! After you."
How to Get: Combine your pegs and get them out the golden exit door.

When completing the separate achievements, you can receive additional items in your inventory.

We All Scream

Giant Tub of Ice Cream
Fort Nox

Hubrid Nox Treasure Chest
Can contain a spooky petpet

"See, princess? I told you I'd make short work of that contraption. Sure, it was complicated, but no match for the wits of a master thief like myself."


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