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Petrified Pie
0 - 750 points

Unpaid Library Intern
1250 - 9500 points

Wraith Puncher
10,000 - 29,430 points

Smarmy Hero
30,000 - 49,900 points

Master of Insults
50,000 - 64,800 points

Artefact Eradicator
65,000 - 89,900 points

Saviour of the Faeries
90,000+ points

We could obviously guess-timate on what the cut off points for the trophies are but we like to see actual userlookups to confirm the point range for the trophies. If you have a point value that falls inbetween the ranges we are missing, please neomail faerieskater2 or crowprincess. We're looking for scores in these ranges:

  • 501 - 1249
  • 9,501 - 9,999
  • 29,431 - 29,999
  • 49,901 - 49,999
  • 64,801 - 64,999
  • 89,901 - 89,999

10 Pts100 Pts299 Pts500 Pts

Dangerous Artefact Keyring
Type: Toy

Magical ability to magnify powers sold separately.

Stone Pie
Type: Food

Poor pie... still stone. Mmm... crunchy.

Surplus Repository Furniture
Type: Furniture

Ten thousand pieces of stolen Lost Desert Scroll Repository furniture were recently recovered. This is unrelated to the recent promotion of Hanso to Master Thief.

Ogrin Master Fortune Cookie
Type: Food

What words of wisdom will the Ogrin Master give you today?
700 Pts900 Pts1,000 Pts1,200 Pts

Angry Xandra Bobblehead
Type: Toy

Grrrr! Xandra bobbles at you in anger!

E-Z Brand My First Containment Field
Type: Toy

Practice your containment abilities with this super-fun toy set! DISCLAIMER: May cause destruction of property, loss of limbs, or other undesirable consequences. Do not look directly at My First Containment Field.

E-Z Brand Lockpicking Tools
Type: Gift

Thieves Guild endorsed, Hanso approved!

Adorable Wraith Plushie
Type: Plushies

Despite its undeniable adorableness, this might not be the best plushie to help the little ones go to sleep.
1,500 Pts2,000 Pts2,500 Pts2,700 Pts

Noxs Mansion Background

(Click to Preview)
Type: Mystical Surroundings

For sale: Evil castle, slightly used.

Xandra Mask

(Click to Preview)
Type: Clothes

Show your supervillain pride with this terrifying yet stylish mask. Also protects against cunning insults.

Mint Condition Altadorian Guard Action Figure Set
Type: Toy

Guard things all day long with this action figure set!

1001 Roguish Insults
Type: Book

Become even more insulting with this book of handy phrases to hurl at your enemies. (Hurl the insults, not the book.)
3,000 Pts3,500 Pts3,900 Pts4,000 Pts

Master Control Platform Home Edition
Type: Furniture

This is too confusing. How about a nice game of Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers?

Harmful Faerie Artefacts
Type: Book

A comprehensive list of all the dangerous faerie artefacts out there, so you know which ones to steal... for the greater good, of course.

Commemorative Epic Lithograph
Type: Furniture

An epic lithograph that commemorates a truly epic moment in epic Neopian history... Epic.

Captain of the Guard Stamp
Type: Stamp

This stamp should only be used on the most critical correspondence.
4,500 Pts5,000 Pts5,000 Pts5,500 Pts

Stone Faerie Statue
Type: Gardening

This IS just a statue, right? Hey, has anyone seen Cronjobbia?

Hansos Legitimately Acquired Dagger
Type: Battle Magic

This stunning dagger is sharper than Hansos wit! He still has the receipt.

Battle Info: 3 fire, 3 dark, .3-3 physical icons in damage

Sinking Faerieland Trinket

(Click to Preview)
Type: Gift

Too soon?

Brynnso Plushie Set
Type: Toy

OMG! Joined at the hip, just like in real life!! *flail*
6,000 Pts6,000 Pts6,500 Pts7,500 Pts

The Nox Memoirs
Type: Book

Remember back before Nox got killed? Good times, good times...

Xandras Cunning Disguise

(Click to Preview)
Type: Clothes

Wait... you mean Xandra and the villain who crashed Faerieland are the same person? Ridiculous! Xandra wears glasses. The villain doesnt wear glasses.

King Jazan Plushie
Type: Toy

Wow, they captured his disdainful glare perfectly!

Brynns Brightvale Tunic

(Click to Preview)
Type: Clothes

Wear your Brightvale colours with pride! (Chainmail not included.)

8,000 Pts8,500 Pts9,000 Pts10,000 Pts

Altador Strength Potion
Type: Magic Item

Have the strength of nine Lupes with this potion! Well, not exactly... Okay, how about: With this potion you will have strength like King Altador!

Info: Gives +5 strength.

Autographed Hanso Drawing Lithograph
Type: Gift

Includes a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Jazans Guyliner

(Click to Preview)
Type: Grooming

This guyliner appears to be cursed. But youll still look fabulous!

Hansos Thief Jacket

(Click to Preview)
Type: Clothes

Flip up the collar to look extra cool!

12,000 Pts15,000 Pts30,000 Pts40,000 Pts

Hanso Charisma Charm
Type: Battle Magic

The most charisma you can legally cram into one object.

Battledome Info: 5 light, 5 earth icons in damage; blocks all dark icons

Captive Shadow Wraith
Type: Petpet

This little shadow wraith was not strong enough to evade capture. But keep a close eye on it so it doesn’t get into any trouble.
Type: Mystical Surroundings

Faerieland is falling! Faerieland is-... oh, it fell.

Faerie Paint Brush
Type: Special

Turn your pet into a high-flying faerie! Take your Neopet to the Rainbow Pool!
50,000 Pts 

Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting
Type: Battle Magic

Oblivion was no match for this mighty sword! Also handy for keeping charming rogues in line.

Battledome Info: 3 fire, 3 earth, 2 light, 5 physical icons in damage

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