What is the Turmaculus?
In Meridell sleeps a creature called the Turmaculus. He's also referred to as the King of all Petpets, or as Turmy. The Turmaculus sleeps most of the day, but each day there is one hour that you can wake him up. As anyone waking up they can either be in a good mood or a bad mood he can either reward you, or.. yes, eat your petpet. On this page you will find out how to wake him, and what possible effects you may expect from waking him. This page was made with the help of Turmaculus expert, neomyotismon.

Since this is a site feature that gives out neopoint rewards and prizes, you may not visit the Turmaculus on your side accounts. For more information look at our side accounts guide.

How to Play
When you approach the Turmaculus, he will only be found asleep. 

The king of all petpets is sleeping... can your petpet wake him up??

Approach the great Turmaculus if you dare...
Good luck Galliard

Legends speak of a Petpet who had a gigantic appetite. As he ate, he grew, and as he grew, he ate... until one day this colossal petpet could not move any more.

The Turmaculus can be found in the land of Meridell, sleeping nearly 24 hours a day. If you can wake him up, chances are he may be able to help you with an item, or a healing spell... just don't catch him in a bad mood (we weren't kidding about his appetite!)
Wake Up Turmaculus

The Responses
If you are able to wake the Turmaculus, you can expect one of the following effects (note that these are random):
  • Your petpet gets eaten, in return you receive an avatar and the Turmaculus battledome challenger
  • Nothing happens
  • Your petpet gains a level
  • Your pet gets stronger
  • Your pet's hit points get fully healed
  • You receive 100 neopoints
  • You receive 250 neopoints
  • You receive 350 neopoints
  • You receive an item, see the table below:
Most of the time, however, you won't be able to wake the Turmaculus and may get one of the typical responses:

The king of all petpets is sleeping... can your petpet wake him up??

Turmaculus rolls over... OWWW! That was your petpet.
did everything possible, but did not wake him.

The Rewards
Below are a list of prizes that you can get whether or not you wake up the Turmaculus.

Last Updated: March 06, 2022
Total Items: 16
It is a little known fact that the art of topiary was accidentally discovered when a careless knight left his battleaxe in a potted plant.

Axe Shrub

A tasty piece of dried... oh... oh dear.

Beef Jerky

Slash! Clang! A thrilling documentary on the history of swords. Fully illustrated!

Book of Swords

Aim, Unwrap, Eat!

Bullseye Candy

Everything you need to know about being a noble knight is here in this easy-to-read manual! From caring for your steed to rescuing damsels in distress!

Guide to Knighthood

Lucky for you - not lucky for whatever they are made out of.

Lucky Green Boots

The raging style in Meridell, this handsome ensemble is made from home-grown cotton!

Medieval Shirt

By placing this cheerful hat on, you can stand in the village square and recite poetry to everyone.  However, it does not protect you from any tomatoes thrown if you do a bad job of it.

Poets Hat
View Preview

Its an all potato salad.

Potato,Potato and Potato Salad

Poker is now all the more fun with these coins.

Round Table Poker Coins

Wrapped in you dont want to know and stuffed with dont ask, these make a delicious dinner.


Often placed in front of castle entrances, it gives intruders a clear message...

Sword Bush

How many points are scored for knocking your opponent off their steed? This question and more are answered in the must-have book for anyone serious about tournaments.

The Tournament Handbook

*Swish! Swish!*  A favourite of young, imaginative pets everywhere, many a nice bush has been reduced to twigs by aspiring knights with this toy.

Toy Sword

Amazing... a perfectly safe-to-ingest meal from Meridell. Savour its turkey goodness!

Turkey and Potato Dinner

Be careful! Its very sharp!

Turmaculus Claw Keychain

How to Wake Up the Turmaculus
You're allowed to try and wake him every hour, this means that you could try to wake him 24 times a day. However, the Turmaculus is only awake during one hour each day. This hour is based upon a mathematical calculation that you can read below.

There are 10 different ways of waking him up, it is not known if one way has a greater chance of your petpet getting eaten over another.
  • Hit him with Stick
  • Ring a Bell
  • Kick Him
  • Sing to Him
  • Tap Dance for Him
  • Blow Your Nose
  • Sneeze
  • Dump Cold Water on Him
  • Scream
  • Bang Pots and Pans

Calculating When the Turmaculus Can Be Awoken
In order to calculate when the Turmaculus will be awake you first need to know at which time the Turmaculus was up yesterday, then you start from there. There are three calculations, the first one is the one that occurs most often. Please note that the AM and PM is random, so it could be either 5 am or 5 pm for example. These methods are used with permission of neomyotismon from her petpage.

There is a simple calculation for predicting when he is due up. +5 to the previous day's up time (Note: the AM/PM part is random as there is no set pattern which is why it is called the 5hr jump) So as an example:
Day 1: Turmaculus is up at 12am NST
Day 2: Turmaculus is up at 5pm NST
Day 3: Turmaculus is up at 10pm NST

Of course with any rule there are exceptions to it which have to be figured out, the 6hr jumps are just another one. These usually happen every 13 days, however they have been known to happen on day 12 and day 14. We then also have a 6-4 pattern appearing from time to time.
Day 1: Turmaculus is up 12am
Day 2: Turmaculus is up 6pm - As you see this is +6hrs rather than the usual 5hr
Day 3: Turmaculus is up 10pm - As you see this is +4hrs rather than the usual 5hr
Day 4: Turmaculus is up 4pm - As you see this is +6hrs rather than the usual 5hr
Day 5: Turmaculus is up 9am - As you see the time goes back to a normal 5hr jump.

When each month goes over to the next it is usually a 7hr or 8hr jump from the START day of the previous month.
Month 1: Turmaculus is up 12am
Month 2: Turmaculus is up 7am
Month 3: Turmaculus is up 2pm

Knowing When the Turmaculus Can Be Awoken

There is a petpage, Turmaculus Times, that focuses on the Turmaculus' wake windows.  You can see the predicted times that the Turmaculus will be awoken, without having to do any calculations. If you want to know in advance when the Turmaculus can be awoken, you may want to check it out.

There are also other ways of finding out. On SunnyNeo we have a Turmaculus alert at the front page of our website that we activate when we know the Turmaculus can be awoken. Unfortunately we do not always have it up due to the fact that we're not online 24/7.

A third way is to hang around the neoboards, on the neoboards you will always find 'Turmy Alerts', when the Turmaculus is known to be awoken during that hour.

Should your petpet get eaten, yes you lose the petpet, but! you can gain an avatar and battledome challenger.

Have the Turmaculus eat your petpet. Getting this avatar is random.

Tip: for more information about the Turmaculus, check SunnyNeo's Turmaculus guide.

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Below you can see what happens when you actually get the avatar.
The king of all petpets is sleeping... can your petpet wake him up??


You have awoken the great Turmaculus...
AHHHHHH!!!! Turmaculus ate your petpet! BURP

Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use 'Turmaculus' as an avatar on the NeoBoards !

Battledome Challenger
When you wake the Turmaculus for the first time, you not only are eligible for an avatar, but you can unlock Turmy as a Battledome Challenger. 



Turmaculus will be waiting for you in the BATTLEDOME !!!

Hide your petpets!!!!!