Neopets Save the Wheels Guide

The Save the Wheels event has concluded. All of the Neopian Wheels have been updated and you are no longer able to donate. TNT has claimed that the Save the Wheels event sucked 12,371,691,860 neopoints from the Neopian economy.

What is the Save the Wheels event?
The Wheels of Neopia are in serious need of repair. This is why the the Neopian Conservation Society is trying to restore them. So far, this has been done for the Wheel of Knowledge, but now the Neopian Conservation Society is broke and looking for donations.
To donate, visit the Save the Wheels page and donate a certain amount of neopoints. Luckily, the Neopian Conservation Society is very generous, and if you'll make them a donation, you'll get a special prize in return.
You can donate as many neopoints and as many times each day as you like. You can even become a Top Benefactor and be placed on the Top Benefactor list if you're among the people who donated the most neopoints. This might suggest that the Save the Wheels event could be trophy based and you might get a trophy at the end when you donate much. If you don't want to have your name show on the Top Benefactor list, you can choose to donate anonymously. In that way, your username won't show up.

This event is acting like a large-scale Neopoint sink. By donating neopoints, those neopoints will disappear out of the Neopian economy, which should cause deflation. Hopefully this will mean cheaper paintbrushes and codestones!

For more information, we advise you to read the Save the Wheels FAQ.

How to earn prizes
When you donate a certain amount of neopoints, you get a prize depending on how much you donated. You can donate as many times as you want, but the neopoints you donate are not cumalative. That means that if you donate 100,000 neopoints, you will get a tote bag, if you then donate another 100,000 neopoints you will receive another tote bag, you will not receive the faerie mazzew (200,000 neopoints). The amount you donate each time DOES NOT add together. We do not know for sure yet, but you will probably NOT get your neopoints back at the end of this event. So only spend what you feel comfortable spending and not getting back in the end.

Be careful not to double click when confirming your donation! For some browsers, if you double click on the 'Yes' button, you'll automatically donate the same amount of neopoints again, even if this will give you a negative balance.
Say you have out 300,000 Neopoints on hand and you donate those, which will give you a Faerie Mazzew and a balance of 0 Neopoints. Now, if you double click by accident, you'll donate those 300,000 Neopoints again! This will leave you with a balance of -300,000 Neopoints! (you do get another Faerie Mazzew though.)
So far, this problem seems to occur with Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. Firefox doesn't seem to be affected by double clicking.

Wheel of Excitement Prizes

Conservancy Newsletter

Conservationist Play Set

History of Neopian Wheels

Faerie Statue

Tote Bag
Click for preview


Faerie Mazzew

Gift of Misfortune
Click for preview


Wheel of Excitement Stamp

Wheel Shield

Wheel of Excitement Background
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Other Prizes

The Wheels of Fate
Random prize when spinning the Wheel of Knowledge

Wheel of Montony Background
Click for preview
Random prize when spinning the Wheel of Knowledge

You will get an event like this randomly while spinning the Wheel of Knowledge.

Old vs. New Wheel Images
Below you can see what the wheels used to look like, and what they look like now.

The Wheel of Knowledge

The Wheel of Excitement

The Wheel of Mediocrity

The Wheel of Misfortune

The Wheel of Monotony