Ugga Drop

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General info
Ugga Drop features five Tyrannians, who have decided to try the latest craze- jumping off the side of a cliff with a parachute and hoping they survive. It's a bit more complicated than that, however.

The main objective of this game is to safely land your Tyrannian Character (which is randomly selected) throughout all the 20 rounds of the game. There are 4 levels with 5 rounds each. You have three lives. You will lose life when you crash, landed in mud, or end in 5th place.

In the image below you can see the interface of the game.

1 Your current score 6 Countdown Timer
2 Your amount of lives left 7 Token
3 Your average placing 8 Current upgrade(s)
4 Level and round indicator 9 Tokens collected
5 Your character

The controls
Ugga Drop only requires you to use your space bar, and left and right arrow keys. You use the space bar to jump off the cliff and start moving down. Then later, when you're close to the ground, you'll need to use the space bar again to open your parachute. You use the left and right arrow keys to move your character from left to right.

Game play
At the start of the game, you are randomly assigned one of five Tyrannian neopets. All five Neopets stand in a fixed position, as you can see in the image below.

1. Tyrannian Kacheek
2. Tyrannian Wocky
3. Tyrannian Scorchio
4. Tyrannian Meerca
5. Tyrannian Usul

Part 1: Jumping off the cliff
As mentioned in the controls section, you must press the space bar after the countdown to begin your descent. But beware, if you press the space bar too soon, red text saying 'FALSE START' will pop up. When this happens, the counter will reset and 200 points are deducted from your score. ONLY hit the space bar the second the screen says 'GO'.

Step 2: Moving Your Character
Using the left and right arrow keys, you can move your character. If you hit one of the other Tyrannians, it will cause them to slow down, and increase the speed of your fall. However, if one of the other Tyranninans hits you, you will be slowed down. Always avoid being hit to ensure a smooth descend.

Step 3: Activating the Parachute
Landing your character is the main point of the game. You have to figure out the best place to hit the spacebar again and thereby open your parachute. If you open it too early, the other Tyrannians will get ahead of you. If you open it too late, you will crash and lose one of your tries. There is no mathematical formula or trick to help you in determining the right moment to press the space bar. The only way to get it right all the time is practice.

You have a good chance of a safe landing if you activate the parachute as shown in the image below. In red is indicated where your character should be when you activate the parachute. Do not risk opening the parachute near the end of the guided line, as you might crash.

All this is affected by "Quick Draw" upgrade. The more you upgrade, the faster the parachute will open and the faster it will be ready for landing. This means that there will be lesser risk of crashing when opening the parachute.

Crashing or landing in the mud will not give you any points, and you would just lose a live. In addition, the round restarts.

Scoring points and collecting tokens
There are 4 levels with 5 rounds for each level. Different scores are awarded for achieving a different ranking. These are shown in the table below.

Rewards for each round
1st place+2,000 points
2nd place+1,000 points
3rd place+500 points
4th place+100 points
5th placeLose a life

During the game, do not focus too much on collecting tokens as they are not that important. Especially on level 1, where the landing spot is very close to the start. Each token icon in the game, represents 10 tokens. Tokens are also rewarded at end of each round. The amount of tokens you receive, depends on which rank you have achieved. In the table below you can see the token rewards.

Rewards for each round
1st place200 tokens
2nd place100 tokens
3rd place50 tokens
4th place10 tokens
5th placeNone + lose a life

From the above, you can see that if you end 1st in all rounds (5), you will earn 10,000 points and 1,000 tokens for each level (4). Overall you can earn 40,000 points throughout the entire game.

As each level ends, an upgrade shop will be available.
The Super Slime upgrade can make your character fall faster. This is useful for the later levels, where the distance between the starting point and ground is greater.

The Quick Draw upgrade increase the speed for your parachute to open. This is useful for fast landing.

Each upgrade cost 500 token, the max level of the upgrades is 3.

It is suggested that you upgrade both Super Slime and Quick Draw evenly. So, after level 1 you should upgrade each of them once, then do the same after level 2 and 3.

The image below is an overview map of the game. The red dot represents where you start at level 1, the blue dot represents level 2, the green dot represents level 3, and the purple dot represents level 4.

In the light you see the routes down that will take you to land directly into the mud. Try to avoid landing there.

Below are some strategies to help you get a better score.

1.If you have no hope of finishing first, then purposely crash or land in the mud. This restarts the level. Only do this if you have enough lives to spare.

2.If you have a good lead over the other characters, it would be best to open the parachute earlier, to guarantee a safe landing.

3.Avoid being hit by other players, and move to a clear spot while falling.

4.Do not concentrate on collecting tokens, as tokens are rewarded after each round. You will have enough tokens to upgrade both super slime and quick draw provided you finish 1st on every round.
5 rounds x 200 tokens = 1000 tokens.

5.If you have a Super Slime upgrade, you will fall faster if you don't move to the left or right.

6.You won't be penalized on Level 1, Round 1 for a false start, as there is nothing to deduct. Make use of this and get a good, calm start.

7.This guide wouldn't be complete without the following sentence: Practice, practice, practice. The phrase 'Practice makes perfect' is completely true.

Getting the trophy
Ugga Drop is one of the few flash games in Neopets that has a different way of getting the trophy. An easier way one might add. In order to get the Ugga Drop trophy, you must score the maximum available score. Which is 40,000 points, also known as completing the game perfectly. You get a perfect score by getting first on every round in each of the 4 levels (which is 20 perfect rounds).

The Ugga Drop high score table functions a bit different than with the normal games. Whenever someone scores 40,000 points on the game, they will be placed at the bottom of the high score table below everyone else that scored 40,000 points. Each day when trophy's are handed out (around 11.50 pm NST), everyone in the top 100 with a score of 40,000 is awarded the gold trophy. As long as you're in the top 100 you get the trophy. The best part about it is that as soon as the top 100 fills up, the person at place #1 gets removed and everyone moves up a spot. So as long as you get the needed score you should be able to get the trophy. Unless there's an event going on such as Daily Dare or Games Master Challenge and you get bumped out of the top 100 again before trophies are handed out. Best start practising for a perfect game as well!