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General Info:
Virtupets Studios has created a fabulous game called Super Race. You are Ace Zafara. The race is located in space. You must use your mouse to click little 'GO!' buttons in order to propel your spaceship forward across the screen towards the finish line. The finish line is marked by the two flashing beacons in the top section of the screen where the spaceships travel. In order to win you must finish before the computer controlled Robot Kyrii Racer.

The game may sound very straight-forward, but there is a catch. Virtupets is controlled by Dr. Sloth, and the company is therefore very evil and corrupt. Probably because of this evilness, Virtupets hasn't doing too well economically and their profits seem to be dropping. Their markerting department has therefore come up with a new brilliant idea: putting pop-ups into the game!

How to play:
Your computer opponent Robot Kyrii will constantly move forward and is unaffected by the pop-ups. You however will need to click the small GO! buttons that that show up in the bottom half of the screen to move Ace Zafara forward. Each level requires you to click on twenty-four GO!'s to get to the finish line. You must beat your opponent to the finish line before the time bonus counter gets to zero to move to the next level.

The first level has no pop-ups, and is therefore extremely easy. Don't get tricked into thinking the game is that easy though. The Virtupets Marketing Department will begin adding in the pop-ups on level 2. The pop-ups appear all over the game, sometimes blocking the GO! buttons. You will therefore have to close or move the pop-ups in order to continue racing. Each level brings more pop-ups, and they also become harder to close and bigger.

There are many different ways to deal with these pop-ups. First, most of the pop-ups have the usual 'X' at the top right corner that you can click to close them. This X is very small though, and is therefore not always the best choice. Some of the pop-ups also have buttons built into them that you can click such as 'No' or 'OK'. Finally, the fastest method of dealing with the pop-ups is by quickly dragging them with your mouse. Further down the page is a table with more information on the different pop-ups, and how to best deal with them. Remember, the goal of the game is not to close the most pop-ups possible but to win the race!

Scoring Points:
You get 50 points for every level you beat. You can also get time bonus points. Above the bottom half of your screen there is a time bonus that counts down from 50 to 0. If you manage to beat the level before the counter reaches 0, you get the amount of points you had left on the counter as time bonus. If you want the avatar you are probably going to have to beat all ten levels to get the score of 700 or more.

The Pop-ups:
Below is a table with all of the pop-ups. The information in the table tells you when the pop-up first appears and the different ways you can close it.

Pop-ups Information

Level 2 Pop-ups:
These are the first pop-ups that you will have to deal with, but fortunately the easiest. For the one dealing with neomail, you can either click the red 'X' or where it says 'OK'. The Scorchy Slots pop-up can only be closed by clicking the 'X'.

Level 3 Pop-ups:
These pop-ups are not much harder than the ones in the first level. You can either click the 'X' or the 'No' button on homepage pop-up. For the pop-up with the Krawk, you can also either click the 'X' or the 'No' button. Be sure not to click on the 'Yes' or the 'More Info' buttons, as doing so will open up more pop-ups.

Level 4 Pop-ups:
The first thing you may notice about these pop-ups is that they are very big and flashy. Their size isn't their only problem though, they are also very hard to close. You have to click the 'X' to close one of them. Most of the time you will have to drag the pop-up over so the 'X' is visible. Don't click anywhere besides the edges and the 'X' or more pop-ups will instantly appear.

Level 5 Pop-ups:
These are also very big pop-ups, especially the login one. Once again, you can only close them by clicking on the 'X'. As with the level 4 pop-ups, you can only click these pop-ups on the blue edges or the 'X', unless you want to deal with more pop-ups.

Level 6 Pop-ups:
Here are the last two pop-ups that emerge. There are still four more levels in the game after level 6, but there will be no more new pop-ups. These pop-ups are not all that big, but they are sort of tricky to close. You have to click on the text where it says 'close this window'. If you click on them anywhere else, or try to drag them, you'll get a fresh helping of additional pop-ups!

Game Codes:
Advert Attack also has a very helpful game code. If you type nopopups while you are playing, all of the pop-ups will be removed from your screen. You can only use this code once per game though, so only use it when necessary. It is recommended that you wait until level 9 or 10 to use it.

The game was updated in 2008 and became considerably more easy than before. However, if you still find that you are one of those people that just isn't fit to do well at games, you can use the following tips to bring up your score to go for that highscore, avatar, or trophy.
  • Play the game on the normal screen size. The pop-ups are harder to target with your mouse in a small screen, and in a large screen things are too far apart.
  • Count the GO! buttons as you click them. Since you know that there are 24 in all, it will give you something to aim for.
  • Ignore the top half of the game screen. Keep your eyes on the bottom half where they need to be, not on the race.
  • Double click the GO! buttons. Technically they only need one click, but the game doesn't register a single hit all that well.
  • Only remove a pop-up if it is covering a GO! button. You can still click a GO! button if only part of it is visible.
  • Drag the pop-ups out of the way as much as you can as it is the fastest method for removing most of them.
  • The pop-ups become partly transparent when you click and hold on them. This is helpful for when you are looking for a covered GO! sign.
  • Be careful with your clicking. Keep it under control, as clicking on pop-ups causes others to appear.

This game awards the 'Ace Zafara' avatar. You should easily be able to get the points needed to earn the avatar by the end of level 9 or 10 if you are quick enough.

Score 700 or more points at Advert Attack.

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