Online Eyedropper

What is this?
This is a tool that allows you to eyedrop avatars online, without needing to install any programs or plugins.

Whats an eyedropper?
In avatar/font terms an eyedropper is a tool that gets the hex code of a specific pixel on an image. You can then use the hex code to help you make fonts.

How do I work it?
First select an avatar from the drop down menu. Hover your mouse over the small faded avatar image and click the left mouse button to make the small viewfinder window follow your cursor. Move the view finder until it is over to the pixel you want to eyedrop. Click to switch to that specific pixel, use the blue arrows to nudge the image until the pixel you are interested in is centered in the green crosshair, then click the Get Pixel Colour button.

When you choose an avatar from the list only the first frame is used, if you want to eyedrop any of the other frames click the 'see all frames' link.
The Eyedropper has been updated! Enjoy a simple redesign with some improved functionality! You can now quickly save the hex colour codes for your avatars. On the small avatar frame preview, click on a pixel to quickly change to it. Or click and move your mouse to quickly move around the avatar pixels, while using the arrows for precise colour detection.

Choose an Avatar: