Island Mystic

What is the Island Mystic?
The Island Mystic is a Kyrii who has a hut located on Mystery Island, as shown on the map below. When you give him a visit, he will provide you with your very own fortune!

Every single day, the Island Mystic will have a new fortune for you. You may visit him multiple times throughout the day, but the fortune he provides for you will remain the same throughout the entire day. The fortune that is generated is randomly chosen from a string of words, and has nothing to do with what will actually happen to you that day. The page you see when visiting him is very simple, but a preview is nonetheless provided for you below.

The Mystery Island Mystic


Welcome to my little hut. Ahh, I guess you came here to have your fortune told, eh? Well... here it is...

You will reveal some of your Neopoints at the Food Shop

Remember to come back tomorrow!  

Create Your Own Fortune
The drop-down menus below contain all of the possible phrases that are pieced together to create a fortune. You can come up with your own!

The only real point of visiting the Island Mystic is to try and get the avatar. It's completely random, which means it can take anywhere from one visit up to months and months of visits to get it. Your fortune must have the word "Kyrii" or "Kyriies" in it in order to get the avatar.
The Mystery Island Mystic


Welcome to my little hut. Ahh, I guess you came here to have your fortune told, eh? Well... here it is...

”You will defeat in single combat a pack of insane Kyriies”
Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use ‘Island Mystic’ as an avatar on the Neoboards!

Remember to come back tomorrow!  


Get an Island Mystic Fortune with 'Kyrii' or 'Kyries' in it.



The Island Mystic used to be some unknown creature, until he fell into the Cooking Pot and transformed into a Kyrii.


The Island Mystic first appeared when the Arrival of Virtupets came about on August 16th, 2000. The Island Mystic asked for codestones from users to decode a message from the Space Faerie.

He also appeared in Sacrificers. You can see him on the dock when Monster Boy was sacrificed.

He was also apart of the Mystery Island Volcano Plot. The Island Mystic, along with others, was entrusted to hold a magic seal over the volcano. He was 3rd to disappear along with the Tiki Tour Guide.

Notable NT Editorials

*hands basket of mandatory asparagus and other varieties of veggies* Well, my Lupe Citalopraam was named after a medication, and I think about 2-3 weeks later I saw the Editorial about the names not being allowed. I don't want to put her in The Pound, in case another user gets in trouble after adopting her. She is currently my lab rat, but I just want to know if she will be deleted from the system or what? Please answer soon. :) ~x_simpsons_rock_x
Ahh, yeah... that's a fine example of something that isn't quite appropriate for the site, and will unfortunately have to be sent to that special little pound in our database where we keep Neopets with bad names. (Don't worry, they're well cared for!) Thanks for reporting it to us rather than dropping it into The Pound and making it someone else's problem. We've removed the Neopet, but left you the Petpet and clothing it had on as a thank you for your honesty. :)

This is question 6253, archived from Editorial Issue 410.


What ever happened to the old Island Mystic Guy? Now it's a Kyrii.
The island Mystic must have fallen in the Cooking Pot I guess :)

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*Insert praise here* TNT, I was wondering, would it be allowed visit the Island Mystic on sides? I understand dailies aren't allowed on sides, but all this one does is give an avvie (and occasionally make me laugh). Thanks for your time! ~:) emily_loves_tyler__c
Yes, this is fine since you don't make any profit from visiting him.

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What is the use of the Island Mystic? All it does is tell your future and it doesn't even come true??!!!
Well, sometimes it may be true... it's just a bit of fun really, although you never know when a herd of wild monoceri may come trampling by :)

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Are the things the Island Mystic says true?
Considering he has been known to say some pretty crazy fortunes such as 'you will be trampled by a herd of wild Monoceri', they probably aren't all that reliable :)

This is question 141, archived from Editorial Issue 15.