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What is Kiko Pop?
On September 4th, 2014 Neopets released Kiko Pop. For Kiko Pop, you get to throw one dart a day to try and pop a balloon. You can chose a difficulty, and there are different prizes to be won.

Note: Since this is a site feature that gives out prizes, you may not visit Kiko Pop on your side accounts. For more information look at our Side accounts guide.

How To Play
It is rather simple to play Kiko Pop. Select your difficulty: "Easy & Effortless", "Standard, I can take it", or "Super Crazy Hard!!!"

The game will then begin, and the wheel of Balloons will begin to rotate. Your goal is to pop one of the balloons with the dart. Simple point and click where you'd like to aim.

If you pop a balloon you will see a little picture coordinating with the prize you receive.

Images And Reward Category

Battledome Item







Already Played
You can only play once. This Kiko never forgets a face, and he will send you on your way if you return to throw another dart.

Grab a dart and...

oh, wait. I remember you! You've already played today. Please come back tomorrow if you'd like another throw.

Item Rewards
The item rewards are based on difficulty and then which image is behind the balloon you have popped. Did you receive an item not listed ? Please contact us.

Last updated: April 2020.

Prizes Based on Difficulty
Easy Standard Hard Close
Choose a difficulty in the table above to view the possible prizes.

The Avatar
There is an avatar that you can receive from this daily. It is awarded randomly when you pop a balloon.

NOTE : Not confirmed on Easy Mode.

Randomly awarded when popping a balloon at Kiko Pop.
Note: This has not been confirmed for "Easy" mode yet.

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pop the balloons!