Deluxe Customisation

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What is Customisation?
On April 26th 2007 Neopets launched their newest project along with a new site layout. The new and prestigious project was that you can dress up (customise) your pets. In order for people to be able to dress up their pets, all the pets had changed their look a little so they would be able to wear the clothes.

There are three types of clothes you can put on a pet, the first are clothes you can buy at several clothing shops in Neopia. The second form of clothing is the one that comes with paint brushes, for example a Royal Paint Brush will give your pet lovely medieval clothes to put on. And the third form of clothing you can buy with real money at the NC Mall.

What is on this page?
This page is an addition to our Clothes Customisation page. That page shows all the normal clothes a pet can wear (from shops). This page however, shows you all the clothes that come with paint brushes, these clothes are called Deluxe Clothes. If you want to see the NC Mall clothes, visit NC Mall Customisation.

You can browse these pages in two ways, firstly you can look at all the deluxe clothes a certain pet can wear by clicking on the pet name. Secondly you can also use the dropdown menu to select a paint brush to show you all the deluxe clothes that come from a certain paint brush. If you are on a list of clothes, you can click on an item to see what other clothes come with the set and most importantly, how your pet will look wearing these clothes.

How does deluxe customisation work?
When you paint a pet with a paint brush that gives you clothes, let's say for instance the Pirate paint Brush, serveral pirate clothing items will appear in your closet, and your pet will look like a pirate. If you then repaint your pet, to let's say striped, the pirate clothes will still be in your closet. This will allow you to give a striped pet pirate clothes. Every time you paint your pet, you will be able to keep the clothes that came with that colour, this goes also for pets that are zapped into different colours by the laboratory. You'll be able to create very original mixes of different clothing sets. Look for example at this Faerie usul, who is wearing clothes from the following deluxe sets: red (bow), royal (coat and gown), christmas (elf hat), robot (tail housing).

You can also put the items you have in your closet on another one of your pets of the same species. Say you have two aishas, one of which is an island aisha, you can remove her flower, and give it to your blue aisha. If you have access to the laboratory you can use it to get clothes for your main pets. You can get a pet from the pound (when its open), and zap it, until you get some nice deluxe clothes from a special colour, and put them on your main pet. This way you wont have to alter the colour of your main pet, but you do have some extra deluxe clothes.

Keep in mind that you can not sell, trade or donate clothes or items you get from paint brushes. Neopets made it so that paint brush items cannot be removed from your closet!


- Acara
- Aisha
- Blumaroo
- Bori
- Bruce
- Buzz
- Chia
- Chomby
- Cybunny
- Draik
- Elephante
- Eyrie
- Flotsam
- Gelert
- Gnorbu
- Grarrl
- Grundo
- Hissi
- Ixi
- Jetsam
- Jubjub
- Kacheek
- Kau
- Kiko
- Koi
- Korbat
- Kougra
- Krawk
- Kyrii
- Lenny
- Lupe
- Lutari
- Meerca
- Moehog
- Mynci
- Nimmo
- Ogrin
- Peophin
- Poogle
- Pteri
- Quiggle
- Ruki
- Scorchio
- Shoyru
- Skeith
- Techo
- Tonu
- Tuskaninny
- Uni
- Usul
- Vandagyre
- Wocky
- Xweetok
- Yurble
- Zafara

Colours with Clothes

Number of Clothing Items: 2556


Items In This Set
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Steampunk Draik Tail Piece
Steampunk Draik Tail Piece
Steampunk Draik Wings
Steampunk Draik Wings
Steampunk Draik Headpiece
Steampunk Draik Headpiece
Steampunk Draik Body Suit
Steampunk Draik Body Suit

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