Pet Birthday Calculator

What's on this page?
If you, like many other people just cannot remember the birthday of your Neopet, we've found the solution for you. On this page you can find a Neopet Birthday Calculator. All you have to do is enter the age of your pet (in hours) and in return you receive not only the birthdate of your pet, but also two beautiful banners to choose from that you can stick on your Petlookup or Petpage. The banners are displayed on the bottom of this page.

You can find your pet's age in hours on your petlookup (which you can access by either clicking on your pet on your userlookup or by typing your pet's name into the search bar. When you are there you will find something like:
Age: 1,043 days old (25,054 hours)
You will need to enter the age in hours in the form below.

Age in hours:

Birthday Banners