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As the countdown to the Altador Cup intensifies, three more teams are ready to make their grand entrance in the colosseum! 


Shenkuu, known for their generosity and grace, both on and off the field, is ready to show the true spirit of sportsmanship. This team combines elegant play with a deep sense of honor and respect. Their support from their fans and community make them a team that is not just playing for glory, but for the greater good!


Despite the year's training, Kreludor enters the arena with a calm confidence that's truly inspiring. This team is known for their meticilous preparation and strategic wit. Their ability to stay cool under pressure and execute their game plan with precision is what sets them apart and allows for Kreludor to aim for the stars!


Finally, the Lost Desert, embodying gratitude and determination, enters the arena with a deep sense of thankfulness and appreciation for every opportunity. Their journey is fueled by hard work and a humble acknowledgement of their roots as they drive towards victory!


All teams are at the ready and awaiting support from Neopians. Starting at 12 AM NST on Tuesday, July 16th, Neopians will be able to choose a team to back for the tournament. Each team has their own unique qualities and strengths. Which team will you join?

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July's Premium Collectible is starting to be sent out.  This month's collectible is: Premium Collectible: Void Cloud.

This mysterious void cloud is supper comfy to float on! This NC item was given out as a Premium Collectible reward in Y26.
Premium Collectible: Void Cloud See Preview
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Howdy everyone! With the Altador Cup sign-ups being only hours away, the excitement gets harder to contain. In honor of AC's newest team, Team Dacardia, the SunnyNeo staff whipped up more shiny new graphics!


Dacardia (1)  Dacardia (2)  Dacardia - Animated  Dacardia

Badge DacardiaDacardia FTW BannerTeam Dacardia

Dacardia Banner Dacardia Banner - Animated

Oooooh, these graphics will make you wanna join the team this year.


We'll be adding even more Team Dacardia graphics for all the new devoted fans out there soon on the Altador Cup Graphics - Dacardia page. Be sure to check there often!

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The excitement for the Altador Cup continues to soar as we welcome the next nine teams poised to make a mark in this year's tournament! I'm Bloom, here to share with you each team that can bring their own unique flair and fire to this year's competition!


Haunted Woods, known for their resilience and relentless work, this time grinds out every match with unwavering determination. Their spooky charm and never-quit attitude promise to give their opponents a fright and their fans plenty to cheer about.


Moltara is fueled by the fiery spirit of their volcanic homeland. This passionate team has a burning desire for victory and explosive energy on the field to make them the team to watch out for in every match!


Meridell enters the fray with bold strategies and innovative tactics. Although cursed first in all of Neopia, this team's adventurous spirit and fearless approach make them unpredictable and highly exciting to watch.


Roo Island, the team with a knack for fun and puns, is ready to bounce into the spotlight. This team's playful, yet skilled, gameplay brings a unique blend of humor and talent. Their light-hearted approach doesn't take away from their competitive edge, making them a crowd favorite!


Kiko Lake shows up with a commitment that is second to none. They combine teamwork and perserverance to great effect. Their disciplined play and unwavering focus make them a formidable contender in this year's tournament.


Faerieland, known for their collaborative spirit and magical flair, enters the competition with high hopes and a united front. This team's ability to work together seamlessly and their enchanting style of play are set to create some magical moments on the field.


Krawk Island is ready to navigate the turbulent waters of the Altador Cup! Their disciplined approach, strategic play. and sharp skills make them a tough opponent and bound to steer them towards success.


Maraqua enters the field filled with hope and drive to prove themselves. Their fluid and dynamic style of play reflects the ever-changing sea. Their adaptability and optimism make them a refreshing and inspiring presence in the tournament.


Lastly, Terror Mountain, motivated by their high-altitude training, descends into the cup with a frosty focus. This team's determination and cool-headed strategies promise to freeze out their competition!



With only three more teams waiting to enter the field, the anticipation is at an all-time high! This is Bloom from SunnyNeo, stay tuned for more information coming your way soon! Feel free to check out our Altador Cup Coverage Guide for ongoing information.

Dacardia is slowly picking up the pieces after a strange storm. With all the debris out of the way, we can see one of the reasons why Dacardia can be a great destination in the summer! Come relax with our new petlookup, Town of Dacardia, for you to enjoy!


A travelers desination for vacation!

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Happy Tuskaninny Day! Here are a couple new Tuskaninny fonts for you to enjoy made by the one and only, Melanie! 

    Tuskaninny - Spotted – Visit the petlookup of your             Tuskaninny while you have an item with the word                   'spotted' in it's name in your inventory. This means you         must own a Tuskaninny to get this avatar.

    Tip: a cheap item you can use is the 'Lesser Spotted             Fish'.

⚈ ⚈

    Tuskaninny - Relax – View the lookup of an Island             Tuskaninny.

⎚-⎚ ☀︎
just relax ࿐ ࿔

Tuskaninny can now be painted Burlap! The Barista Tuskaninny outfit can be found in Uni's Clothing Shop and the Sea Witch Tuskaninny outfit can be found in Cog's Togs. Our Rainbow Pool database has been updated!

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TNT is on a roll - we have another new avatar for everyone's favorite hunk, Coltzan! And a font.

Update: There have been no new reports of anyone getting the avatar after the new Neo-day started. It is possible that this will be a new seasonal avatar and won't be available again until Coltzan Day 2025.


Your Avatar

Shrine of Coltzan – Visit Coltzan's Shrine.

you find a shiny dubloon...

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