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Star Mapper


Star Mapper?
This page will help you to find your constellations for the altador plot by showing you all your stars. While we know that it would be easier to just submit your star data to a calculator that gives you the exact coordinates of your constellations this is a freezable offence. According to Neopets you're not allowed to use any device that does all the work for you. This is why we have created a Star Mapper. The Star Mapper will assist you in finding your coordinates, but it does not tell you where they are, you have to find them yourself.

To use the star mapper copy and paste your star data into the box below.

Using the Star Mapper
Below the star map there are 12 images, one for each constellation, you can drag these over the star map to help you find your constellations. You can also click on stars to find their coordinates, however you can't click on a star when a constellation template is on top if it. The colours of the stars are the same as they appear through the telescope.

Advanced Options
Star size: Sets the size (in pixels) of all the stars (2 or 3 works best)
Map size: The dimensions of the star map, if you have a low resolution you might want to use a smaller size. The huge (2500px) setting lets you see the map the same scale as it is through the telescope.
Show borders?: The borders are red lines that outline the area where constellations appear, all your constellations will be inside the red border.
Guide lines?: These are several lines to help you find the approximate co-ordinates of stars. Note: these will only show up if borders are on.

Where can I find the Star coordinates?
You can find your coordinates here. If you want to select them all click on the page, and press CTRL + A. You can then use CTRL + C to copy, or right click and select copy. Paste the coordinates in the box below.

Show Advanced Options

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