Altador Plot

WALKTHROUGH - Introduction

Important - read first
First off, read the entire step before you do anything, it often times won't make sense until you read the whole thing. Read first, then do. Secondly, always always always use the buttons at the bottom of the page. The buttons that say 'Continue' 'Return to the Archives' etc., you need to click these. If you don't the next step might not open for you, causing major difficulties. Okay, now that that's covered, lets begin.

Start the plot!
To start the plot, you need to go to Altador. Click on the Hall of Heroes. See the little Yurble janitor? Click on him.

"Well hello," he says. "Pretty hall we got here, eh? Lovely
statues. Too bad it's so dimly lit. I think this button here is
supposed to do something, but I can't figure out what."

The button he is referring to is that sun-looking thing to his left, you'll see it on the right side. Click the button.

You push the button. Nothing appears to happen.

The Janitor seems very angry about this.

"I TOLD YOU! It doesn't do anything!! Why did you push it anyway?!
RAARGH!!'" The janitor flails his mop around angrily.

Now it's time to visit the Altadorian Archives. Click the door on the right to visit Finneus, the archive keeper.

The archivist says, "Yes, that button in the Hall of Heroes...
the janitor has spoken to me about it. I'm not sure what it's
supposed to do, either, or how to fix it... perhaps there's a book
here in the archives that might tell me something."

Yes, a book... but where would we find one of those? Oh! There's one under his table! Click the book under the leg of the table, see it, with the orange cover?

The archivist says, "You can't have that book! I'm using it to
stabilise the table."

The archivist says, "Yes, I'm using that book to stabilise this
table. The bottom of the table leg is perfectly flat, but it's
exactly three inches short. If only I had something to replace it..."

Looks like we need something exactly three inches tall! What better than a rock? But where could we get a perfectly flat three inch rock? Where better than the Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry?!

Time to find a perfectly flat three inch rock. This one looks good...

You find a Perfectly Flat Three-Inch Rock. How extraordinary!

Yay! Now back to the Archives. Click on Finneus' door. Re-click that orange-covered book to replace it with the perfectly flat rock we found.

You replace the book with the Perfectly Flat Three-Inch Rock.
It's an exact fit, and the table is completely stable!

The archivist says, "What a fascinating book. It appears to be
completely blank, except for a prologue! Why would someone print a
mostly blank book?"

You can click on the book now which Finneus has placed on the Pedestal.

Pages 1, 2, and 3 are the only pages that have anything written so far. Click the page folds at the top to flip pages.

Now that we've gotten the book, it's time to pay a visit to our friend the janitor.

"You know, maybe the gears have just gotten dirty or seized up,
it's been so long since the button was used. If there were some way
to grease the gears, the button might do something again."

So, off to find some grease. To find the grease click on the statues. The easiest way is to start with King Altador and just go in a clockwise rotation of clicking until you get it. When you get the right one:

Behind the statue's base, you notice a jar of oil and a rag.

Easy enough... back to the janitor.

"Oh, you found the oil I use to polish the plaques! Good idea!
Maybe it can free up the gears. Go ahead and put some on the button
mechanism, and we'll see what happens."

Well...? Push the button again!

You push the button.

Suddenly, gears begin to grind, and the great ceiling above you opens
up, admitting much more light to the room!

"Argh! Now it's light, and I'll have to go back to mopping instead
of guarding this button! Curse you!" But you think he means "curse
you" in a friendly way.

When you return back to the Hall of Heroes you'll notice that it is much brighter now. You may have figured out (or you may have not) that when you click on a statue you can click the tippy top of the picture to see a series of blue gems above their head. We'll look back here later on.

If you are a little explorer, you may have also noticed that the staircase behind the statue of Gordos is clickable.

This will take you to the Observatory.

After climbing hundreds of stairs, you find yourself in some kind
of dome-shaped room atop the Hall of Heroes.

Apparently it's always night-time when you come up the the Astronomy Tower...

Take a trip the Archives. You'll notice that there is a new flyer on the board. Click it to go to the Astronomy Club.

You look at the flyer on the bulletin board. It seems
to be advertising an Astronomy Club!

When you get there, you will be greeted by the club president.

"Join the Astronomy Club! With your very own telescope,
learn to search the heavens for interesting cosmological
phenomena, see ancient nebulae, and identify constellations!"

"Hi! We'd be glad to have you in our club!"
The president of the Astronomy Club welcomes you warmly.
"Our Astronomy Club is growing by the day! Apparently we're
the only club in Altador that's actually accepting new
members at the moment."

Click 'Join the Astronomy Club'.

The Astronomy Club is a place where Neopians can learn all
about the cosmos. Stars, planets, comets, asteroids,
constellations, nebulae... they're all out there waiting to
be discovered.

The president of the Astronomy Club waves as you enter the
astronomy lab. "Hey, thanks for coming! We're really happy
you joined the club. In fact, as a new member, we've got a
special gift for you..."

E-Z See Telescope
"...your very own telescope! It's just a basic model, but it
will let you look up at the stars. You'll just have to find
somewhere reasonably high-altitude to use it."

High altitude, eh? How about the Observatory? If you click on the telescope stand you can now view the stars.

The janitor and Finneus have something to say about your new membership, if you'd like to check in on them.

The janitor says, "Hm, so you joined an Astronomy Club,
eh? That sounds like fun. I wish I had the time to join a club."

The archivist says, "Ah, I see you've joined the Astronomy
Club. Is there more excitement to be found than in observing
the heavens, and mapping the intricate patterns of the cosmos?"


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