Altador Plot

WALKTHROUGH - Constellation 3 - The First to Rise

For the next constellation we must make our way back to the Restive Tomb.

Find the link in the very tiny corner of the image, as highlighted below. It may take you a while to find the exact right spot, keep hovering over the bottom left corner until your cursor turns into a little hand. An alternative way of getting to the right location is by first clicking above the image of the tomb (on the white background), and then press the tab key on your keyboard 3 times, followed by enter.

When you get it, it will take you to this page:

You turn around and see a breathtaking view of Altador. The sun, low on
the horizon, seems to be shining through the tower of the Hall of Heroes.

A beam of light shining through the Hall of Heroes? Lets check it out!

Click on the statue of Sasha, the Dancer.

Now click on the window behind her.

Click on any one of the six light spots on the ground. When you do, you will see this:

The spots of sunlight seem to be forming some kind of pattern on the road...

A pattern! We need to let Finneus know about this!

The archivist says, "A pattern of sunlight on the road... The sun itself
conspires to bring us wisdom, it seems. All these clues... perhaps I should
start keeping a list of these clues, for easy reference. While I do that,
it's off to the observatory with you. Find that constellation!"

Go to your telescope.

Click here to go to the SunnyNeo Star Mapper

Find the pattern. It will look like this:

Click to submit, and congratulations! You have just found your third constellation: The First to Rise.

Check in with your usual characters:

The janitor shouts, "HEY! What's the big idea putting your grubby hands all
over the windowsill?! I have to clean those things, you know! Were you raised
in a barn?!"

The Astronomy Club members once again cheer as you enter the room. The president
walks up, a smile plastered across his face. "Gosh, it's really great how
you're finding all these constellations so fast. I really wish I knew how
you did it." The smile is not in his eyes, though.

Nevertheless, he withdraws a small item from his robes. "Well, uh, anyway...
I suppose you should have this, now that you're obviously a full-fledged astronomer."

Astronomy Club Membership Badge

NOTE: Put this in your Safety Deposit Box. This is an item, and it can be stolen, turned into sludge, etc.

The archivist says, "Ah, Siyana. The First to Rise, as she is called. How
fitting that her constellation should be revealed by the rising sun." He
chuckles. "I'm afraid I haven't much more to tell you about why this is
all happening, though perhaps we can learn from what I haven't found.
You see, I've gone through the entire archives twice -- and I can't find
a single history book. I can't fathom there being thieves in Altador
interested solely in history books, though..." He shakes his head. "But
I'll keep looking, and see what I can find."

The archivist clears his throat. "Oh, by the way, if you want to see all
your previous clues collected into one place, I've made up a list for you here."

As with the last constellation, a few other things have been updated. If you click on the statue of the Siyana, then click on the tippy top of the picture, you will see the gems above her head are lit up!

Also the Book of Ages has a new Chapter!


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