Altador Plot

WALKTHROUGH - Constellation 6 - The Wave

Now, it's time to find another constellation! Lets head over to the Altadorian Docks.

When you get there, click on any of the waves in the water.

These docks are the basis of Altador's mighty shipping industry.

When you click them you will see the following message:

The spray on the waves seems to have formed itself into an unlikely pattern...

A constellation! Imagine that. Let's see what Finneus makes of this.

The archivist says, "And the waves, too, bring us further clues... it
seems that this magic is permeating all aspects of Altador. But where does
it all lead? We must find out. Go, and find the next constellation!"

Time to find the constellation. Head up to your telescope!

Click here to go to the SunnyNeo Star Mapper

Find the pattern you saw in the waves. It will look like this:

When you've got it, click submit! Congratulations! You've just found your 6th constellation: The Wave!

Check in with your usual characters:

The janitor says, "Ah, you lit up the gems above Marak, the Wave. It's
so soothing going down to the seaside and watching the ocean. Just the thing
I need when I descend into uncontrollable rage."

The Astronomy Club members greet you warmly as you enter the room... except the
club president, who ignores you completely.

The other club members come over to you. The Wocky clears her throat. "We
just wanted to say that we appreciate all the great work you're doing for
the Astronomy Club. Finding those constellations has really made everyone
impressed with us! So, because of that, we got together -- except for Mr. Pouty
over there --" She glares at the club president. "--and got you this!"

Broken Astrolabe

The Wocky continues, "Sorry it's broken, but we don't have a lot of money.
In fact, we found it in the storage closet here... But it's still a cool
little item, isn't it?"

The archivist says, "Ah, I should have suspected -- Marak, the Wave, revealed
by the sea. Excellent work. And as usual, another chapter of heroic deeds has
appeared in the book."

He sits down at his desk and sighs. "This peculiar situation we're in seems
to have created a logical dilemma. I've done some research, and examined the
nature of the magic involved. It seems that there are two, identical magics
present. One is that which has stolen our history, and the other is that which
reveals these clues. They are the same magic. And neither magic feels hostile
in any way; but nonetheless, whoever has perpetrated these magics has stolen
our history from us. That seems to me an unforgivable crime!" He shakes
his head sadly.

"I've also taken a trip to the Hall of Heroes, and looked at the gems embedded
in the ceiling above each statue. Half of them are now alight; and it is not
unreasonable to guess that we will find more clues, and have the remaining
constellations revealed. But in what order? And to what purpose? What is
going to be revealed?"

As with the last constellation, a few other things have been updated. If you click on the statue of Marak, then click on the tippy top of the picture, you will see the gems above his head are lit up!

Also the Book of Ages has a new Chapter!

Take your Broken Astrolabe to Donny's Toy Repair Shop to get it repaired.

Donny manages to repair the item!
"Ha! I told ye I could do it! Now begone, ye fur-bitin' good-fer-nothin' prawn."

You have received:

Shiny Astrolabe

NOTE: Put this in your Safety Deposit Box. This is an item, and it can be stolen, turned into sludge, etc.


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