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WALKTHROUGH - Constellation 11 - The Protector

Warning: This constellation is going to drive you completely insane.

For the 11th constellation, we're going to begin at the Water Distribution Plant.

When you get there, you will be greeted by a Zafara and Shoyru.

This plant controls the water flow throughout all of Altador.

The plant engineers greet you as you enter. "Welcome to the Altador Water
Distribution Plant! We're sorry, but the plant isn't open to the public for
tours. You'll have to arrange something with our Civilian Affairs Office
if you'd like to see the inside of the plant."

Head over to the Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry and click on the path leading into the woods.

Two quarry workers argue in the quarry. "It's a 'perfectly flat' rock
quarry!" one shouts. "No, it's a 'perfectly flat rock' quarry!" shouts the other.

This will take you to the City Wall. Here, click on the faded square at the bottom of the wall.

Doing so will take you to a scret room within the wall.

An enormous, spectral Minitheus stands watchful in this secret room, hidden
deep within the city wall.

Click on the floating necklace.

"You are not worthy enough to pass!"

The Guardian, though made entirely of ethereal mist, projects a field that
forces you back! You cannot approach the pedestal.

Oh noes! Time to get worthy. Click the Continue button and then head over to The Old Follies Farm to check up on an old friend.

Farmer Follies waves as you approach. "Hello there! Are you from the Altadorian
Water Department? The irrigation ditches near my farm have been filling up
awfully quickly! If the water flow doesn't slow down, I'm going to lose my

Uh-oh. Looks like something's wrong with the distribution of the water! Lets see what's going on by heading back to the Water Distribution Plant.

The plant engineers rush over to you as you enter. "You've got to help us!" the
Zafara says. "The plant's gone berserk, it's routing water every which way. We
don't know how to fix it -- the plant was designed by a mad wizard, and he
didn't write any documentation! We're doomed!"

The Shoyru shakes his head sadly. "I always knew having a mad wizard design
our water distribution plant was a bad idea."

Tsk tsk, you can never count on those mad wizards. Looks like we have to fix it ourselves. Click on the door to enter the plant, and prepare to pull your hair out.

The plant is made up of three different rooms:

You navigate through the rooms by clicking the door on either the left or right side of the room. Each room, as you can see, has either levers or wheels. The goal of this step is to find the correct combination of levers and wheels in an on and off position. It's completely random which one will work for you. To help you find your combination, we've made up a chart for you to use. This can become a little overwhelming, so read carefully. The chart shows the levers and wheels. The levers are on the left side of the chart, and the wheels are on the top of the chart. A lever that is down = off, and a lever that is up = on. So the first row of levers are all in the off position. Simimliarly, a wheel that makes a + = on, and a wheel that makes an x = off. All the wheels in the first column are in off position. When you try a combination, click that box in the chart. So to begin, set all your levers and wheels in off position, then click the top left-most box on the chart since you've just done that combination. Congratulations, one possibility down, 254 to go. You'll notice that one box is un-clickable, the one with all levers and wheels in the on position. This combination should never be tried, as it will flood Altador. If you do happen to flood Altador by accident, it's ok, simply go back to the water plant and continue on with trying your combinations. Go through the chart trying each and every combination. Eventually you will get the right one, and you will automatically be taken to this page:

The engineers cheer. "You did it! The water's been rerouted properly, and
there'll be no flood."

Yay! You fixed the water. Let's go back to The Old Follies Farm to see how those crops are doing now.

Farmer Follies cheers as you approach. "Thank you so much for saving my crops!
We surely would have drowned in a flood if it hadn't been for your quick thinking!"

Surely you're worthy enough to click on that floaty necklace now? You just saved Altador's crops! Head back to the Rock Quarry, then click the path, then the faded square to find out. Click the necklace.

The spectral Minitheus steps aside, letting you pass. "You have proven yourself
worthy by protecting Altador," he intones.

Examine the necklace a little bit further to see:

You pick up the necklace, and notice that its shape forms a strange pattern...

Return to Finneus to get his take on this clue.

The archivist frowns as you enter. "A necklace on a pedestal? Guarded by a
spectral beast of some kind? Surely these are not the tools of someone with
nothing to hide. Go, find the next constellation."

Well, what are you waiting for? Head up to your telescope!

Click here to go to the SunnyNeo Star Mapper

Find the pattern you saw on the necklace. It will look like this:

When you've got it, click submit! Congratulations! You've just found your 11th constellation: The Protector!

Check in with your usual characters:

The janitor shouts, "HEY!! Why are the lights off?! I was having fun looking
at them, all shiny and stuff... RAAARGHH!! IT REALLY MAKES ME ANGRY WHEN THE

The Astronomy Club members don't greet you at all as you enter the room,
as they're hiding behind the door, waiting for the club president to return. And
just as he does, they jump him, and a struggle ensues!

The Wocky, Korbat, and Buzz manage to hold the Blumaroo. He seems extremely
upset. "Unhand me, you vermin!" he shouts. "You'll never get away with this!
This is my club! Mine!"

The Buzz notices something, and yells. "Look! There's something sticking out of
his toga!" Indeed, there seems to be a little green flap poking out the back of
his toga...

Click on the 'Pull on the flap...' button


The Blumaroo's face is a MASK! You pull it off to reveal that dastardly Quiggle!

The Astronomy Club members gasp in shock. "Goodness! It's Old Man Withers, from
the Herbalism, Mining, Underwater Basket Weaving, Engineering, Alchemy, and
Dance Clubs! He must have been trying to subvert the only other club in Altador
that actually had any members!"

The Quiggle seethes at you. "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it
weren't for you darn kids!"

The Wocky harrumphs. "Well, your evil plan, whatever it is, has been foiled. Off
with you! I don't ever want to see you in here again!" She shoves the Quiggle
out the door and slams it behind him. "Good riddance!"

The Wocky turns back to you and nods. "Thanks for your help in getting rid of
him. I can't believe what a sourpuss he turned out to be. Well, the club charter
states that the club's Vice President -- that's me -- becomes President in case
the President can no longer fulfill his duties. Sorry if you thought that job
would go to you, but that's not how it works." She shrugs.

The archivist says, "And, at last, we come to Jerdana. The 'Protector.' Indeed!" he scoffs.

He peers out into the lobby, and then softly closes the door. "I don't
know whether you've noticed this, but the lights above the statues in the Hall
of Heroes are no longer lit. None of them, not even Jerdana's. From what I
gather, this happened about the time that you took that necklace from its
pedestal." He shakes his head. "I'm guessing that the necklace was the power
source for the magic that have been providing you with the clues to this puzzle.
And, apparently, magically powered the gems in the ceiling of the Hall of
Heroes. That accounts for half the mysterious magic, at any rate. The other
half, that which has stolen our history, remains as strong as ever."

He pauses for a moment, listening, and then continues. "I trust that you have kept
this to yourself. We must uncover this riddle before Jerdana learns of our
efforts. It is our only chance to reverse the effects of the spell, and return
our stolen history to us."

He peeks out the door. "I should do research in the main archives. I left them
unlocked once before, by accident, but this time I'll leave them open for you if
you want to wander around."

The Book of Ages has a new Chapter!


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