Altador Plot

Altador Plot Prizes

To collect your prizes, click on King Altador in the Hall of Heroes. You will receive the following prizes:

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Council Chamber

King Altador beckons you to step closer.

Altador beams at you as you approach. "So! We finally have a reward for your valiant efforts to restore the history of this great land. I must apologize for the delay, but it has taken us some time to regain our bearings. Suddenly remembering the entirety of one's history is quite taxing."

"Nevertheless, we do have your rewards. Our treasury is quite full, and so we have decided to award you a tidy sum of Neopoints." He waves at Gordos, the Collector, who steps over to you, carrying a bulging bag.

Gordos glares at you. "I hate parting with such a large sum of money, but what Altador wants..." he grumbles. "Here you go."

The bag contains 5,000 Neopoints !

"Next," Altador says, "we've awarded you this trophy."

Royal Astronomer

"And finally, we have a few items for you..."

Club President Super Plushie

They could have made separate ones, but this was cheaper.

The Way Windmills Work

Windmills do, in fact, work that way.

Hall of Heroes Play Set

With Limited Edition Miniature Gold-Plated Janitor!

Set of Four Commemorative Punch Club Pie Plates

Hang them on your wall... just dont talk about them.

Altador smiles. "I hope that suffices. I regret that we couldn't provide more choice, but as I said, things are still a bit chaotic around here. And after all, this wasn't on the scale of what happened to the Lost Desert, or what will soon be happening in--" He stops. "Ahem. Nevermind."

"Well!" he continues. "You will always be welcome in Altador, and we will be eternally grateful for your services to us. Farewell for now."

Come back to the King the next day to get the following avatar:

Lenny - Finneus
Visit the Altador Council Chamber if you have completed the Altador plot. When you are there, click on King Altador.

It has been said you need to get the sidebar and avatar on different days. This means you can get the sidebar today and have to wait till tomorrow for the avatar.

If you haven't completed the plot yet, you can still do so and get your prizes.
& Finneus
"Books are Knowledge"


It should also be noted that you can return to King Altador to collect a prize every day. Although the prizes are really cheap, and probably not worth it, it's something fun to do.


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