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As Chapter Nine begins, our team has landed on the mysterious new island with the volcano. They spot a large metal door. The key is disguised in the nearby flowers. After opening the door, the team finds themselves in a cavern. They parachute to the bottom and discover a strange city near the core of Neopia.

Plot steps:

Click on the metal flower key on page one to get a Mechanical Molla Flower.

Then play the new game Cave Glider to get a Deployed Parachute (wearable).

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Game Tips:
  • It seems you need a score of 2500 to get the item. You don't necessarily have to beat all three levels but your score must be high enough.
  • Don't mind the time, as this is only for bonus points.
  • Try to collect as many items as possible. Even the clocks, who give you more time, since they do give out bonus points when you arrive within the time.
  • The large green orbs give out 125 points, so try to collect as many as possible of them.
  • The large red orbs with a plus sign on them heal you when you collect them. They are of great help in the parts where the tunnel's very narrow and you easily bump into things.
  • You can use the up arrow key to let the parachute fly up. This helps you when dodging petpets and walls.
  • Try to float somewhere in the middle of the screen. In that way, you'll better able to see any any obstacles coming your way and you can dodge them easier. If you fall down to much, use the up key to go up again.
  • Play the game on medium quality, it will run more smoothly without lagging the game or clock. This will make it easier for you to get some time bonus. Thanks 06dknibbs

Moltara City
There are new things to explore in Moltara City, three new shops and a new cooking pot style activity called Tangor's Workshop. Known items that can be created at the Workshop are petpets Dal, Oop, Daloop and Ada, Gio, and Adagio.

Finding the objects ain Moltara City nd creating the petpets is NOT part of the plot. The screenshot below cornfirms this. Thank you fairywings44 for the screenshot!

How to find the objects:
There are three different objects you can find in Moltara City. They are used to build petpets. Below you can see how to obtain them. You can also buy them from other users. Finding these objects is a daily activity. If you obtain them on day 1, you can do the same thing on day 2, 3 etc.

Shiny Obsidian
Visit the Quarry at the bottom left of Moltara City.

Miscellaneous Gears
You must find them placed somewhere on the map of Moltara City. If there is nothing there, ty refreshing until the gears appear.

Known locations are:
- In front of the metal door of Lampwyck's Light shop
- In front of the big vault
- On the roof of Molten Morsels
- On the roof of the building with the hammer
- Next to the stairs at the middle of the map
- In front of the building with a hammer on it
- On the roof of Cog's Togs
- On the roof of the building behind Cog's Togs

Look below this table to see some screenshots of these known locations. If you are not sure if the gears are on your map, click somewhere on the map (where there is no link to a shop etc.) and press tab. You will see which shops are linked by pressing the tab key multiple times. The gears would also show with a yellow border if you have them on your map. If not, keep refreshing.

Warning: Look carefully before you refresh again. The gears may disappear if you refresh while they are on your page. TNT writes in neomails that people who are actively refreshing can 'miss' them. Click here for screenshot 1. Click here for screenshot 2 (thank you fairywings44).

Scrap Metal and Stone
Awarded by random event at Moltara City. Try refreshing to find them.

Screenshots of gears locations
Below you can see the screenshots we have collected of locations that you can find the gears at. If you have a screenshot we are missing, please contact us so we can add it.

Submitted by: vampi_and_kl

Submitted by: sweetmeep

Submitted by: sk8brdrme

Submitted by: superstar829

Submitted by: mstoothfaerie

Submitted by: selelight_redux

Submitted by: truangel_4

Submitted by: wyndslash

Making Petpets
You can use these objects to create petpets at Tangor's Workshop. If you use the items to create a petpet, they will disappear. See the recipes below (thanks mikh26).

Object 1 Object 2 Object 3 Petpet

Scrap Metal and Stone

Shiny Obsidian

Miscellaneous Gears

Shiny Obsidian



Miscellaneous Gears

Scrap Metal and Stone

Shiny Obsidian


Scrap Metal and Stone

Miscellaneous Gears



Interesting unreleased news!
There may be a fourth material to be collected. (Info by chrip_blaziken). When you look up the three existing materials when the site langauge is put on Italian (discontinued language), you will see they are named 'Material 1', 'Material 2' and 'Material 3'. If you do a shopwizard search on them, you will find shops selling the Scrap, Obsidian and Gears. You can however, also search for 'Material 4'. The shopwizard will then tell you that your search is correct, but he didn't find any shops selling. Searching for 'Material 5', however, will lead to the shopwizard not recognising the item name.


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