Atlas of the Ancients Plot



When we left our heroes at the end of Chapter Two, they were running from a scary cave. Chapter Three opens with our heroes sailing in the skies over Altador. They meet with an old Aisha fisherman on the docks. Clara mentions a passage she has read in the ancient tome. She believes the passage refers to the constellations of the twelve Heroes of Altador. The team visits the Altador Observatory. No luck at the telescope, but Roxton has another idea: the Hall of Heroes. (Jordie mentions that he wants to go get something: is that the NC Challenge?) As Roxton reads the symbols on a pillar, you'll see a text box that reads: "Click here to help Roxton and the crew complete the first quest of their mission." Clicking takes you to the Altador Hall of Heroes.

At the Hall of Heroes, first click on the statue of King Altador, then Jerdana, and finally Siyana. You should have a message saying that you've received a prize for helping Roxton and his team. The prize for this step is a Wind Up Pocket Watch (wearable).

Now that you have completed this step, the map on the Atlas of the Ancients main page now shows a red "X" over Altador.


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