Atlas of the Ancients Plot

Background Info


Below there is an overview of all the characters that we currently know are involved in the plot.

Roxton A. Colchester III

Roxton is an adventurer who wants to explore every inch of Neopia. This is why he volunteered to go on the expedition to the Lost Isle. He is now back for a new adventure!

Neopedia : Roxton A. Colchester III
Wise Old Gnorbu

The Wise Gnorbu lives at the Shenkuu Lunar Temple. He is the keeper of the official lunar calendar for Shenkuu and possesses much of the knowledge of the ages.
Clara Chatham

Clara Chatham, the Gnorbu master's apprentice. Clara is intelligent and hard-working.
Note: Clara is called "Miss Chatham" in Chapter 1, but referred to as "Miss Cheltham" in Chapter 2.

Jordie, Roxton's eager young apprentice. Jordie's side quests for this plot are the focus of the NC Challenge.

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