NC Challenge Guide


What is it?
The Atlas of the Ancients plot includes a NeoCash (NC) Challenge.

Jordie may be Roxton's faithful assistant, but he's never been one to resist an adventure of his own. Follow Jordie on a series of quests and win prizes along the way.

Successfully complete all 4 quest challenges and win an exclusive bonus Neocash item!

To take part, you will have to buy (or be gifted) the Atlas of The Ancients NC Challenge Quest Ticket from the NC Mall.

The NC Challenge Ticket for this plot cost 600 NC and is good for all four plot NC Challenges. To purchase, place the ticket in your cart, then checkout. Go to your inventory and click on the ticket image. Select "Activate Your NC Challenge Ticket(s)" from the menu. Then you should be able to start the challenge.

Challenges & Prizes
The NC Mall Challenge Prize table:

Quest Hint Challenge Prize
Bonus Items
November 12
You have completed all four Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge Quests. You've received Jordies Adventure Hat and a bonus NC item prize! Complete all four NC Challenges, then visit the NC Challenge page again to get your prizes.

Jordies Adventure Hat

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Quest 4
November 12
If it's your first time in Moltara, why not try to blend in with the locals a little? First order of business: get a hat that protects you from all those falling rocks! Visit the Cog's Togs and click on the shopkeeper. You'll get a popup window with the next clue: "Congratulations! Now that you've got the right outfit, you should start exploring. Those tunnels look tempting . . ." No item.
Play Tunnel Tumble and beat a score of 650 points. Game is based on Darigan Dodgeball.

Pipe and Gear Crown

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Quest 3
November 5
On your way to the Top of the Mountain, be sure to stop by the Ice Caves. The icy crystals in there are beautiful, but don't slide away -- you'll soon be on a roll! Visit the Ice Crystal Shop and click on the shopkeeper. You'll get a popup window with the next clue: "The Clues are snowballing fast, so get rolling!" No item.
Play Snow Roller and beat a score of 100 points.
Quest 2
October 29
Isn't Faerieland a colourful place with all of its fluffy pink clouds? Once all the gorgeous colours are in place, why not try seeing Faerieland from a Cloud Racer? There are so many places to visit -- Jhudora's Cloud, the Rainbow Fountain, the Healing Springs... Visit, in order, the Rainbow Fountain, Jhudora's Cloud, then the Healing Springs. There should be a message that reads: "Jordie loves to look at his reflection in the healing springs. Can you spot him now?" Click on the clickable space below the water faerie's tail.

Healing Springs Foreground

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Go to Faerieland's Colouring Pages and search for an image of Jordie. Click on that image. No item.
Play Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers to a score of 160 or better.
Quest 1
October 22
Altador is a magical place, so why not stay a while, do some shopping, marvel at the sites. Then take some lessons in speed from a Yooyu -- they're the fastest couriers in Neopia! Visit Magical Marvels and click on the shopkeeper. Then play Crisis Courier and beat a score of 450.

Altador Courier Bag

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Frequently Asked Questions
Below you can see a list of frequently asked questions regarding the challenges from Neopets.

Q: What is the Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge?
A: The Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge follows Jordie, Roxton's curious Kougra assistant, around Neopia on side quests. If you'd like to participate in Jordie's adventures, purchase a Quest Ticket at the NC Mall. Quest Tickets will be on sale through November 30th. All quests must be completed by December 2nd in order to qualify for prizes.

Q: How many tickets do I need to purchase to participate?
A: You will only need one NC Challenge Quest Ticket. This ticket will allow you to participate in all four of the NC Challenge quests.

Q:Do I have to complete the NC Challenge quests in the order in which they're released?
A: No. The NC Challenge quests can be completed in any order you choose. However, the steps within each quest must be completed in the correct order.

Q: Do I have to complete the quests on the days they are released?
A: No. You can complete the quests any time before December 2nd to recieve your prizes.

Q: Where do I get Quest Tickets for the Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge?
A: You can purchase your NC Challenge Quest Ticket at the NC Mall.

Q: Do I need to activate my Quest Ticket before I use it?
A: Yes. To activate your Quest Ticket, go to your Inventory, click on the Quest Ticket, and choose "Activate Quest Ticket" from the drop-down menu. Once your ticket has been activated, it's time to start questing!

Q: Is it OK to give Quest Tickets to other users?
A: Yes, you may give Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge Quest Tickets that have not been activated to other users as gifts using NC Gift Boxes (1 Quest Ticket per NC Gift Box). Once a Quest Ticket has been activated, it can no longer be gifted. Quest Tickets, as with all Neocash items, cannot be sold or traded.

Q: Can I earn a quest prize twice if I redo the quest?
A: No, sorry. You can only earn each prize once.

Q: The NC Mall is not available in my country. Will I be able to participate in the Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge?
A: Unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in the Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge. Other users can send you NC Challenge Quest Tickets, but you will not be able to successfully activate them. You may show the tickets off in your Gallery, though!

Q: Is there a deadline for completing the Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge?
A: Yes, you must complete the quests by December 2nd. Quest Tickets will be available for purchase until November 30th.