Keyquest is not longer active on Neopets. The game has been removed from the site.

Key Quest


Keyquest is a brand new multiplayer board game that you can play against other people. By doing so you can earn neopoints and items. On this page you will find everything that is currently known about Keyquest. Because the game is still in beta-testing we will continue to update this page as new updates in the game appear.

Below you can see an overview of all the information we have collected, divided into smaller easy to read pieces. Click on a topic to make this information appear.




Guide Content

Mini Games

Below are the different mini games that appear during game play at KeyQuest. Click an image to view the guide for tips and how to play the mini games. When you win a mini game you will be given the option to either pick a key of your choice, or to pick a powerup out of a seclection of three. Whether you get to pick a key or a powerup is random.


KeyQuest Mini Games

Berry Blast

Daring Dig

Faerie Labyrinth

Flower Frenzy

Fruit Picker

Ghastly Guzzler

NeoGarden Grow

Nova Matcher


Petpet Pamper

Petpet Pond

Petpetpet Snare

Poogle Carnival Race

Shenkuu Showers

Spyder Scare

Ghastly Guzzler

In the game Gastly Guzzler you can earn points by feeding the Esophagor.

You can feed the Esophagor by throwing food items at him while his mouth is opened. You throw food by aiming with your claw and clicking. If you throw food while the mouth of the the Esophagor is not opened you will not earn any points.

You should also watch out that the Esophagor doesn't spew on you. Right before the Esophagor will start to spew, he will change colour to light green. When that happens, you should duck to avoid getting stunned and losing points. You can duck by clicking on the down arrow at your character.

Each food item you successfully get in the Esophagor's mouth grants 25 points. The type of food does not matter. If you get hit by the Esophagor's spew, you will lose 10 points.

Tips and Strategies
Its best to click continously and keep chucking food at the Esophagor, even if his mouth is closed and he's moving around. Most times, he'll open his mouth again when your food is in mid-flight, so you can get a few extra points.

In order to duck to avoid the Esophagor's spew, you have to click and release the arrow on your character. Holding the arrow down does nothing, and you will get slimed.

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