Keyquest is not longer active on Neopets. The game has been removed from the site.

Key Quest


Keyquest is a brand new multiplayer board game that you can play against other people. By doing so you can earn neopoints and items. On this page you will find everything that is currently known about Keyquest. Because the game is still in beta-testing we will continue to update this page as new updates in the game appear.

Below you can see an overview of all the information we have collected, divided into smaller easy to read pieces. Click on a topic to make this information appear.




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Your Collector's Case

On the 1st of February Neopets updated everyones User Lookup to contain how many Key Quest Token's people have collected. Other icons on your lookup have also been updated.

Some people have noticed that their lookup shows "Key Quest Tokens: 1 (1 unique)" but haven't redeemed a prize code. This is a glitch on Neopets part, visiting your Collector's Case will reset the count to the correct value of 0 (0 unique) since there are no tokens in there.

If you do have tokens, you can use your Collectors Case to see all the tokens you have collected. You can also change the access to your case so that only you, your neofriends and you, or everyone can see them. In the preferences screen you can also change the skin colour of your Collector's Case. The case also has a Favourites and Quick List icon, which are explained by the Help icon.

Help Dialog

The Key Quest collector's case holds all of your Key Quest game tokens! The tokens are stored in collections, which are housed in the categories on the left. Click a category, and then browse the collections using the navigation at the top of the case. Tokens you have acquired will be displayed in full colour. Tokens you have yet to acquire will be shadowed. Tokens that are not yet released will be displayed as question marks. (There may even be additional special tokens, so be sure to keep an eye out!)

If you'd like to see more information about a specific token, click on or hold the cursor over that token. A box will pop up displaying the character's name, the token's alignment, where to get the token and other tidbits of information. If you want to add a token to your favourites or Key Quest quick list, you can do that from the info box as well. Just select the appropriate options!

If you'd like to see your favourites or quick list, set your collector's case preferences, or if you need help, you can use the following buttons:

Favourites Clicking this icon displays the twelve tokens you've chosen as your favourites! You can remove tokens at any time to replace them with new favourites.
Quick List Clicking this icon displays the twelve tokens you've chosen to use in your Key Quest quick list. You will have access to these twelve tokens when joining a Key Quest game.
Preferences Clicking this icon displays your collector's case preferences. Here, you can select your collector's case theme or choose your privacy settings.
Help Clicking this icon displays this help dialog, which you've already figured out.


Due to a glitch we saw a full Collector's Case of tokens instead of an empty one, therefore we can grant you a sneak preview of all the 18 tokens neopets made to start with.

Neopets Tokens Page 1

Neopets Tokens Page 2

Faeries Tokens

Heroes Tokens

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