Petpet Park Plot



On October 27th, the Mission Headquarters had updated. Mother Bruce mentions gratitude, the rewards are ready!

You've done very well, Agent!

Petpet Park will be quite splendid, populated so with all manner of wonderful new Petpets. The PPL, and the whole of Neopia owe you a debt of gratitude.

If you check your status on the bottom left, you will be taken to Chapter 7. Chapter 7 shows the end of the plot; Yurius is captured and all the petpets are safely brought to Petpet Park.

You may then collect your rewards. They consist of a petpet wearable for inside the Petpet Park feature when it opens. And you also receive a Petpet Protection League Site Theme and 45,000 neopoints for completing all missions. If you didn't complete all six missions you will have received less neopoints but you still get the site theme.

Dr. Rigby

Congratulations! We have a reward for you in thanks for helping us rescue those Petpets.

You have received the new Petpet Protection League site theme!

Something has happened!
0 You are now eligible to use the 'Petpet Protection League' theme when browsing the website! Check out your User Preferences to change your theme.

You also receive 45,000 NP!

Dr. Rigby

And once Petpet Park opens, we'll have another prize for you—a special item that your Petpet will be able to wear! Isn't that exciting? Come back to claim this extra prize once Petpet Park is open!

You can see a preview of the site theme here, and for an overview of all the buttons, you can view the Site Themes page.

TNT chose not to give out any avatars or trophies for this plot because the plot was only available in English. People from other countries could only do the plot if they were able to speak English. Because TNT thought it would be unfair to give out extravagant prizes if not everyone could participate, the prizes were kept modest.