Petpet Park Plot



To get started on Mission 2 the plot, first go to the Mission Headquarters. You will see that your second mission, Hifflo is available. Click on More Information.


Read through the comic. Your second assignment is to help a Hifflo make its way from Petaria to Petpet Park.

Latest Mission Profile
Location: Shenkuu
Species: Hifflo

After reading the comic your goal will be clear, go to Shenkuu and get the Hifflo by opening a portal with the Moonlight Opal. In order to get started you must click on Proceed to Mission.

Hifflos are sweet, affectionate Petpets that possess great grace and a love for music. Though they like to relax, they can run very fast for short distances. It is said that a good song can lure in any Hifflo!

Your mission, Agent, is to make your way to the Shenkuu portal point, bridge our two worlds with the assistance of the Moonlight Opal, and escort the Hifflos here unharmed.

You will be taken to Shenkuu and get to read a conversation between the 3 agents.


So, uh, how does this work, again?

Simple! We angle the opal in its framework until it refracts the ambient moonlight into the--

Stop! Too... many... big... words...

Maybe you could give us the easy version, Mick?

Right, sorry... we turn the opal and then open the window to let the moonlight shine on it. With luck, it'll illuminate the gems on the wall and open the portal!

How do we know which way to turn the opal?

Er... trial and error? I'm sure there must be some kind of pattern...

After this you must turn the opal and click on the window to let the moon light shine on the opal and hit the gems.

So far it seems trial and error to find the right position for the first gem, this is random, which means it's different for everyone.

An explanation as to how it works:

The first and second positions (1 & 2) are always in the same angle as the second and third positions (2 & 3). This means that if there is 90 degrees between the first two positions, you must make the third position 90 degrees from your second position.

Some examples of the positioning of the opal are below.

Should you find the first and third position (1 & 3) you must ensure that the second position (2) is exactly in the middle of these two.

Should you fail to illuminate the three gems within 5-6 tries you'll have to start over, the moon will have moved and thus the position the opal must be in.

After illuminating all three gems, the portal will be opened.


Woo! We're two for two!

We should check in with Mother Bruce to see if our next mission is ready. I think someone may be trying to interfere with our missions.

I'm sure everything's fine. Who could possibly do what we do?

After this you must return to the mission headquarters. You're then done with mission 2, four more missions will follow later. Weltrude will tell you you're done with this misison.

Hifflos are quite adorable, aren't they?

Now, on to business: We're beginning to suspect that something may be amiss here. Keep on your toes. As usual, your next mission briefing will appear in the console at left when it is ready..

If you click on check status on the left, you will see that you have completed 2 out of 6 missions.

Don't forget to update your Mission Counter if you have one.


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