Petpet Park Plot

Frequently asked questions


On this page you will find some frequently asked questions and answers to these questions.

Can only American/British people do this plot?
No, people from all countries are allowed to do the plot. The only drawback is that the plot is only in English. This means that if you play the website on a different language, you will not be able to see the plot. However, if your knowledge of English is good enough you can surely do the plot!

Will there be prizes and trophies?
There will be a few small prizes related to Petpet Park, but there will not be any trophies or secret avatars. TNT has said that it would not be fair to have trophies and extensive prizes because the plot can only be played in English.

Can I do the plot on my side account?
No you cannot, because the plot gives you prizes.

How do I get started with the plot?
Simple, just visit the Mission 1 page and follow our guide!

Is Petpet Park on the map yet? How do I get there?
No, it's not yet on the map. You can get to it by clicking on the links in the above navigation, or if you want to get there from Neopets, just go to the front page and click on the banner.

Why hasn't the next mission started? I bet they cancelled the plot!
First of all Neopets always gives people quite some time to catch up with the plot, so don't expect a new step every day. Second of all, this plot consists of only 6 petpets to save, so they will be wanting to stretch it out over a few days or the plot would end in no time! Third of all, like most people, Neopets doesn't work on weekends.

How can I adopt one of the six petpets and what do they look like?
You cannot adopt them yet, but you will be able to do so after the plot is over. They look like this:







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