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Naturally we would like to be alerted if any of our pages contain mistakes or errors. Other than that you can find a few things below we really want help with. If you can help out with any of the issues below then please contact us.

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Tale of Woe

Tale of Woe
We need some help getting the trophy scores from the Tale of Woe plot correctly. Right now we have some score gaps of which we don't know which trophy they belong to. If you know of a user who has their score in one of those gaps, please neomail us!

These are the gaps:

  • 2,686-2,999
  • 12,481-12,914
  • 16,041-16,049
  • 22,871-22,929
  • 29,016-29,039
  • 36,976-37,114

  • We also need to find people with certain individual digs:

  • 88
  • 381