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Tale of Woe

The items shown below have not yet been released by Neopets. If you see these items in shops, auctions, trading post or worn by a neopet, please send a neomail to jujipup so our MIA can be updated accordingly.

Customisation Unreleased/Missing Items:

AAA Gumball Machine

Black Belt

Black Top Chop Robe

Black Top Chop Trousers

Blue Shoyru Star Balloon

Blumaroo Pet Of The Month Background

Jaunty Blue Hat

JubJub Pet Of The Month Background

Kiko Pet Of The Month Background

Light Blue Abbey Zazzle Shirt

Light Pink Abbey Zazzle Shirt

Mallet Hat

Negg Celebration Background

Neopets Office Background

Orange JubJub Star Balloon

Pink Kacheek Star Balloon

Purple Gelert Star Balloon

Sunny Flower Wand

Tyrannian Scorchio Wig

Where It All Began Background

Wig Test

Wooden Key Quest Door Background