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Giant Jelly

What is the Giant Jelly?
Are your pets hungry? Not a problem! Just head over to the Giant Jelly. The Giant Jelly is... well, a giant mass of jelly that is in Jelly World. Here you can come over once a day to claim a scoop of jelly, which you can feed to your Neopet. The Giant Jelly is one of the two places where you can get free food for your Neopets once a day. The other one is the Giant Omelette.

Obtaining Jelly
You can find the Giant Jelly on the map of Jelly World. Note how Jelly World does not show up on the map of Neopia (the running joke of Jelly World is that it doesn't exist afterall).

You can also use the direct link for the Giant Jelly to go there.

When visiting the Giant Jelly, it will look like this:

Giant Jelly

Sitting in the middle of Jelly World is a gigantic jelly... and you know what this means - yes, FREE JELLY for everybody who visits it!!!

If your Neopet is hungry, why not grab a spoon and take some yummy jelly to eat? Simply click the button below for your daily free sample of jelly!

Getting a scoop of jelly is very simple. All you have to do is select "Grab some Jelly" and the following message will appear:

Giant Jelly

The Jelly Keeper say 'Remember... only one helping per day!'

You take some Chocolate Jelly!!! Congratulations!

As stated above by the rather evil looking Jelly Keeper Wocky you are only allowed one helping of Jelly per day. If you try to grab some more you will receive the following message:

Giant Jelly

The Jelly Keeper shouts 'NO! You cannot take more than one jelly per day!'

Sometimes, greedy Neopians end up consuming all of the Jelly. When this happens you won't be able to receive Jelly! Instead, the Jelly Keeper will shout at you:

Giant Jelly

The Jelly has been eaten!!! :(

I am sure there is more on the way, why don't you check back soon!

The Anatomy of Jelly
A Jelly is a Neopian food item that can be consumed not just once, but twice. As you can see below when you select the action "Feed to petname" your pet only eats half of the Jelly while still improving it's hunger status by one level.

Once you've eaten half of a whole jelly a new item will appear in your inventory in place of the whole jelly with the name "jellyname Half". This means that from one Jelly you actually get two meals for your pets! Here is the progression of a jelly shown with "Mint Jelly".

Progression of Mint Jelly

Mint Jelly

Mint Jelly Half

The Available Jellies
Below is a list of all of the Jellies you can receive from the Giant Jelly. All these Jellies are rarity 101.


Blueberry Jelly

Carnapepper Jelly

Cheese Jelly

Chocolate Jelly

Cornupepper Jelly

Dung Jelly

Fire Jelly

Fish Jelly

Frozen Jelly

Glowing Jelly

Lemon Jelly

Lemon Trifle

Lime Jelly

Lime Trifle

Lint Jelly

Mint Jelly

Peanut Butter Jelly

Pear Jelly

Poisonous Jelly

Queela Jelly

Raspberry Jelly

Robo Jelly

Smelly Jelly

Snotty Jelly

Squished Jelly

Stone Jelly

Strawberry Jelly

Strawberry Trifle

Whole Blunella Jelly

Whole Chokato Jelly

Whole Kiwi Jelly

Whole Pinanna Jelly

Whole Purplum Jelly

Whole Thornberry Jelly

Whole Tigersquah Jelly

Once a part of the jellies has been consumed, they will be know as:

Half Jellies

Blueberry Jelly Half

Half Carnapepper Jelly

Half Cheese Jelly

Half Chocolate Jelly

Half Eaten Cornupepper Jelly

Half Eaten Dung Jelly

Half Fire Jelly

Half Fish Jelly

Half Frozen Jelly

Half Eaten Glowing Jelly

Half Lemon Jelly

Half Lemon Trifle

Half Lime Jelly

Half Lime Trifle

Half Lint Jelly

Mint Jelly Half

Half Peanut Butter Jelly

Half Pear Jelly

Half Eaten Poisonous Jelly

Half Queela Jelly

Raspberry Jelly Half

Half Robo Jelly

Half Smelly Jelly

Half Snotty Jelly

Half Squished Jelly

Half Stone Jelly

Half Strawberry Jelly

Half Strawberry Trifle

Half Blunella Jelly

Half Chokato Jelly

Half Kiwi Jelly

Half Pinanna Jelly

Half Purplum Jelly

Half Thornberry Jelly

Half Tigersquah Jelly

Strange Jellies
The Giant Jelly is a great daily that gives you two meals for your pets a day. There has to be a catch! There is. Sometimes the Giant Jelly will give you "Poisonous Jelly". The good thing is that "Poisonous Jelly" will have no effect on your pet, but "Half Eaten Poisonous Jelly" will! The difference is below!

This will not make your Pet ill

This WILL make your pet ill

Your Neopet will be fine when it eats the Poisonous Jelly:

But if it eats the Half Eaten Poisonous Jelly you'll get this message:

This will mean that your pet has caught NeoMonia.

There are a few methods that can cure NeoMonia:

Medicinal Soap
Will always work

Warm Green Blanket
Will not always work.

Healing Springs
Visit every 30 minutes. Might take a few tries, but will work in the end. Recommended!

The other jelly that can give you a disease is "Glowing Jelly". If you eat "Glowing Jelly" there is a chance that you may come down with Blurred Vision. This applies to both "Glowing Jelly" and "Half Eaten Glowing Jelly":

Just like with NeoMonia, there are a few methods that can cure Blurred Vision:

Extra Thick Goggles
Will always work.

Minor Healing Ointment
Will not always work.

Finely Ground Bean Powder
Will not always work.

Healing Springs
Visit every 30 minutes. Might take a few tries, but will work in the end. Recommended!

For more information on diseases and their cures have a look at our Diseases & Cures page.

Also, Glowing Jelly has a very small chance to change your pet's color to glowing!
This have been confirmed in the Neopian Times Editorial for several times:

Unfair!!! When my friend and I got a Random Event on the account we share we were delighted! One of our Neopets got zapped by Boochi and we loved it. But then we were feeding the baby Neopet glowing jelly and our baby Neopet turned glowing! Please make a warning or something for other innocent users like myself and my friend. (This is unfair because we never knew that this could happen.) Thanx TNT u rock! ~[username removed]
1.) Please self-ice the shared account and save us the trouble of freezing you, thanks.
2.) You got randomly zapped by Boochi and then got it randomly taken away. The circle of Neo-life is complete.
3.) Please meditate on your ideas behind the concept of "unfair" further.

This is question 4803, archived from Editorial Issue 310.

If you feed a Neopet lots and lots of glowing jellies they could turn glowing, but what if you feed a Neopet pirate, robo, or fire jelly? Will they turn that colour? ~dmh1997
Nope, just glowing jelly has (a very, very, VERY slim chance) of changing your Neopet to glowing coloured.

This is question 5717, archived from Editorial Issue 372.

Although chances are slim to get a glowing Neopet, Glowing Jelly is cheap and you might consider this if you want to paint your Neopet glowing and don't mind the randomness of this method. If you do not want your Neopet to turn glowing, it would be best to avoid this jelly. You can see how your Neopet will look when it is glowing at our Rainbow Pool.

Unreleased Jellies
These Jellies have been mentioned in the Neopets news, but never made their way to the Giant Jelly:

Unreleased Jellies

Banana Jelly

Nuts and Bolts Jelly

Oil and Grease Jelly

Half Banana Jelly

Half Nuts and Bolts Jelly

Half Oil and Grease Jelly

"The Artist's Day off"
Lint Jelly, Peanutbutter Jelly, Smelly Jelly, and Squished Jelly are all products of the random event day "The Artists' Day Off". This explain why these Jellies do not look as professionally drawn as their counterparts

Pirate Jelly
Pirate Jelly is a different kind of Jelly, in that way that is was not meant to be given out by the Giant Jelly. It was a Smugglers Cove item, that was released on April 18th, 2005. A Half Eaten Pirate Jelly could only be obtained by feeding a Pirate Jelly to your Neopets.

As all Smugglers Cove items, Pirate Jelly is a rare item, and therefor expensive. It's not an item you are likely to run into by any chance. There was an exception with Pirate Jelly however. On May 16, 2008, the Giant Jelly gave out Pirate Jelly's by accident. When collecting your daily piece of Jelly, there was a chance you would end up with a Pirate Jelly if you were lucky. This glitch was corrected, but if you collected a Pirate Jelly, you would keep it.

The Editorial said the following about the Pirate Jelly glitch:

Arrrrr the Pirate Jellies still being released at the Giant Jelly? Arrrrr they glitched like I have heard they might be? If they arrr and I unknowingly buy one from a scallywag, will I have to walk the plank (be punished) or have it taken away from me? Thanks, matey! ~jennyspet62301
Arr, we do not be knowin' what ye be talkin' about. Thar be no Giant Jelly in Neopia. If Pirate Jellies were bein' released at something like that, though, ye can be sure it were a mistake and were soon corrected. If ye imagined that ye got a Pirate Jelly from the imaginary thing, then ye be welcome to keep it.

This is question 5322, archived from Editorial Issue 344.

(of course, it should be kept in mind TNT is having a bit of fun with the "Jelly world does not excist"-thing in this reply as well)

If you ever come across a Pirate Jelly, be sure not to feed it to your Neopet, that would be really a waste of Neopoints!

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