Discarded Grundo Plushie

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The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity was originally discovered in Faerieland on November 16th, 2004 (Y6) and was thought to be apart of the notoriously unfinished Guildmasters' Dinner Logic Puzzle. Due to the fact that the plot was never finished, we will never know what his original purpose was.

Visiting the Plushie
The daily has been in place since September 17th, 2009. Your active pet can visit to provide the plushie a little company. You can now find the plushie in the trees below the waterfall.

When you arrive, this is what to expect.

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

Somebody has left their Blue Grundo Plushie here. What a poor unwanted little guy, maybe you should talk to him... no, he's just a toy, he won't answer you. Don't be silly!



Once you select 'Talk to the Plushie', one of the following random outcomes will occur.

Outcome Result
You wait around for a bit, but nothing seems to happen. Best be on your way. You don't receive anything at all
Haven't you been feeding petname lately? It looks like (s)he is about to eat the plushie! Best find them some real food quick. Your active pet will become one stage hungrier
petname is so excited to visit the little plushie (s)he forgets (s)he was hungry. Your active pet will become one stage less hungry
Nothing seems to make a Neopet feel better than a soft little plushie, and petname is no exception. (S)he is looking better already. Your active pet will be completely healed
Seeing the poor discarded plushie seems to dampen petname's mood. Perhaps you should return a different day. Your active pet's mood will be decreased by one stage.
While staring at the discarded plushie, petname has an epiphany, and seems a bit more enlightened. Active pet receives a couple intelligence points
The plushie remains ever silent, but as you leave you notice ???? Neopoints on the ground. Perhaps it was good luck or... Receive a random amount of Neopoints


There are two other outcomes that are a bit more interesting than a couple Neopoints, or a couple of intelligence points. These two will give you an item.

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

It was very kind of you to visit this worn little plushie. Oh, what's this? There is a NEW plushie on the ground nearby!

You're sure you can give the Faerie Bori Plushie a new home!


From this event you can receive a plushie that is exclusive to this daily. Did you receive an item not listed ? Please contact us.

TDMBGPOP Exclusive
Last Updated: August 24, 2018
Total Items: 16
Should you eat it . . or perhaps play with it?

Candy Faerie Jetsam Plushie

This delightfully soft Checkered Faerie Blumaroo Plushie is a pleasure to cuddle with.

Checkered Faerie Blumaroo Plushie

You dont want to take this plushie to the forest! If you lose it, youll never find it.

Discarded Camouflage Yurble Plushie

This plushie probably fell down from the clouds along with the Grundo plushie!

Discarded Cloud Krawk Plushie

Beware! You might get burnt if you touch this!

Discarded Fire Mynci Plushie

Oh just see how sad this plushie looks. Maybe you should hug it.

Discarded Maractite Ogrin Plushie

Be careful! This Vandagyre plushie might sneak away at night!

Discarded Stealthy Vandagyre Plushie

A little love is all that is needed for this Tuskaninny plushie.

Discarded Tuskaninny Plushie

Awww.... what an adorable little plushie.

Faerie Bori Plushie

What a precious little Cybunny!

Faerie Cybunny Plushie

Ready to go and play with its owner.

Faerie Techo Plushie

This Ice Fairie Plushie is too cold to touch!

Ice Faerie Chia Plushie

This little Shoyru plushie is so loved that it had to have a few repairs.

Resewn Shoyru Plushie

Yikes!   It looks like this little Moehog lost its head.

Ripped Moehog Plushie

Without the spots this plushie would have been right at home in Faerieland!

Speckled Faerie Chomby Plushie

Doesnt this plushie remind you of a Water Faerie?

Water Faerie Usul Plushie


The other item event is as follows.

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

There is no response from the plushie, but as you turn around you kick a small object. Oh, it's a Origami Spyder.


Other than an exclusive plushie, you can also receive a wide range of toys.  Below is a table of some of the items you can obtain through this outcome. Did you receive an item not listed ? Please contact us.


Last Updated: November 05, 2019
Total Items: 287
Aw, your pet can now pull around his or her own little Aboogala.

Aboogala Pull Along Toy

Wheee.... This acorn yoyo spins super fast making tricks as easy as pie.

Acorn Yoyo

Get yourself in Battledome shape!

Aisha Punching Bag

More twirly than a twirlyfruit!

Aisha Spinning Top

Never has a puzzle with so many straight edges been so difficult to put together.

Altador Puzzle

This plastic keyring features one of the many cute Neopets on offer.  Try and collect the set!

Angry Yellow Usul Keyring

Glowing asparagus is one way to light a room.

Asparagus String Lights
View Preview

This balloon has Neopets talking like babies just to get it.

Baby Chomby Balloon

This adorable baby Elephante will follow where ever your Neopet wants to go.

Baby Elephante Pull Along

This adorable puppet is made with super soft fabric.

Baby Wocky Puppet
View Preview

Can you make this pinata burst open to reveal all the delicious goodies inside?

Balthazar Pinata

This is one fast banana.

Banana Vehicle

Open it up and look inside, you may find a trick... or a treat :) This was released for Halloween in Y20.

Barbat Halloween Goodie Bag

This loyal Eyrie will proudly fly the Battle Faerie into the centre of a fight.

Battle Eyrie Action Figure

The bucket has a beekadoodle on the side and the spade is shaped like a Beekadoodle.

Beekadoodle Sandcastle Set

Is it a bird? Is it a Ball? No, its the Big n Bouncy toy!

Big n Bouncy Toy

Have a little fun with these imagination-inspiring building blocks!

Black Blocks

Cursed artifact or trendy goth accessory?

Black Meowclops Ring

This ball is filled with dried Ummagine seeds to make it soft and easy to catch.

Blarthrox Ball

What goes around comes all the way back around.


This beautiful blue bike is excellent for young pets.  Once pets learn to ride bikes they can travel faster around Neopia.

Blue Bike

A happy Elephante balloon will put a smile on anyones face!

Blue Elephante Balloon

When the music stops the Kadoatie starts to cry!

Blue Kadoatie Music Box

A fluffy ball that looks like a Kau! This soft ball is great fun to play with.

Blue Kau Fluffball

A cute little Mynci puppet makes a great playmate for young pets.

Blue Mynci Puppet

Who knew Negg Goo could be so fun to play with?

Blue Negg Goo

A lot of effort was put into making this origami Hissi.

Blue Origami Hissi Toy

Open your stocking carefully and if you are lucky there will be something nice inside.

Blue Stocking

Practice your bowling skills with this very electric Blumaroo bowling set.

Blumaroo Bowling Set

Hope you like this toy, there is no getting rid of it if you dont!

Blumaroo Bumarangy

Keep too close an eye on this toy and you might get dizzy!

Blumaroo Top

This adorable Gallion toy bobs up and down!

Bobbing Gallion Toy

Now you can recreate the fun off a bonfire any time you want!

Bonfire Play Set

Bori make really good gnomes... and charms.

Bori Gnome Collectable Charm

A faerie inside a bottle inside a keyring inside...the rest is up to you!

Bottled Faerie Keyring

Here lies the broken heart... such a sad story.

Broken Heart Tombstone
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The ultra fashionable disguise for your Neopet.

Brown Goatee

Be very careful that you dont pop this doll.

Bubble Doll

Bubble paper is a great toy for Neopets that like to break things!

Bubble Paper

Yes, please.

Bucket of Neopets

Now your Neopet can really enjoy playing at the beach!

Bucket of Sand
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How many Kyriis can you link together without dropping them?


Everything you need to make your very own clay Buzzer.

Buzzer Clay Sculpture Set

Your sibling wont steal your pull along toy if they cant find it!

Camouflage Pull Along Kau

What are the long distance fees for this service?

Can Telephone

To celebrate the end of the Maraquan war the toy shop made eight commemorative balloons.

Captain Scarblade Balloon

Enjoy pretending like you are the chia clown or a visitor to the carnival of terror with this fun new play set.

Carnival of Terror Play Set

This music box will remind you of the mournful music of Caylis.

Caylis Music Box

Open it up and look inside. You will find a festive treat! :)

Cheery Holiday Bruce Goodie Bag

Whats cuter on a charm than a Chomby gnome?!

Chomby Gnome Collectable Charm

Piece together this wooden pet!

Chomby Puzzle

Ok, so it isnt actually worth anything on Krawk Island, but it still looks pretty cool.

Clay Dubloon

No one would dare steal your keys with this keyring attached.

Cloud Jetsam Keyring

Far cuter than those nasty Yurble balls...

Cloud Wocky Ball

What better to give your opponent in a fight then a good laugh.

Cobrall in a Can

How long does it take for someone to knock over blocks that are stacked?

Colourful Building Blocks
View Preview

This Cooty trooper has fully movable limbs, the better to battle with.

Cooty Trooper Action Figure

Learn your numbers and have fun counting and doing math problems with these fun blocks.

Counting Blocks

Now you can finally play with your food without getting yelled at!

Courgette Building Logs

Nothing says

Cross-Stitch Skeith

Watch Jerdana dance to a lovely tune.

Dancing Jerdana Music Box

Twist the knobs and guide the marble to safety.

Darigan Toy Labyrinth

Pick up this relaxing balloon and spend some time doing the same.

Day Dreaming Nimmo Gnome Balloon

This Magical Cracker is full of surprises.

Deluxe Grundo Cracker

This Skeith does not look pleased that he is missing a piece.

Disco Skeith Puzzle

Everything is better with antlers!

Dofrey Pull Along Toy

Satisfy your craving for obtaining a Draik with this fun Bean Bag Tic-Tac-Toe.

Draik Bean Bag Tic-Tac-Toe

This little Hissi toy works using properties of thermodynamics, but you don	 need to know anything about that to enjoy watching him drink!

Drinking Hissi Toy

This adorable scooter will have people smiling when they see you coming.

Droolik Scooter

Just add water and watch them magically grow! Shipping not included.

E-Z Brand Snowflake Growing Kit

The warranty for this doll does not cover damage by fire.

Effigy Play Doll

This ball bounces really high!

Elephante Bouncy Ball

This pixel has somehow escaped from NeoQuest!

Escaped Pixel

Not actually an everlasting apple - if you eat it, it will be gone.

Everlasting Apple Charm

A fun game you can play on your own or with friends. This set comes with a sparkling faerie ball.

Faerie Jacks and Ball Set

This bookmark will make sure you never lose your place when reading.

Faerie Kougra Bookmark

This mug has a Faerie Kougra print all over it.

Faerie Kougra Mug

Time to set sail!

Feather Boat

Get that food in his mouth quick or he might just chomp on your hand!

Feed the Skeith Game

Ouch, now that is HOT!

Fiery Dance Ribbon
View Preview

Wind it up and watch it swim around your bath tub for hours!

Fire Goldy Bath Toy

The perfect toy for any trip to the beach or park.

Fire Kyrii Flying Disc

Wait... are five clovers lucky or unlucky?

Five Leaf Clover

The perfect toy for any Flishy fan!

Flishy Paddleball Game

Watch Petpets scatter as you fly this Florg kite in the sky.

Florg Kite

This spongy Flotsam toy is great for splashing around in the bath!

Flotsam Bath Toy

This magical ball bounces higher and flies further than your average ball.

Fyora Ball

Now you can make Fyora soar above the clouds and do all kinds of neat tricks.

Fyora Kite

This pretty yoyo has a picture of the Faerie Queen on it.

Fyora Yoyo

This balloon has been cleverly shaped so it looks like a Gallion.

Gallion Balloon

Up and down it goes, and all around...

Gallion Yoyo

To celebrate the end of the Maraquan war the toy shop made eight commemorative balloons.

Garin Balloon

You will get dizzy watching this baby spin!

Garin Spinning Top

Oh, shiny a shiny balloon with a ghostkerchief on it!

Ghostkerchief Balloon

Giant bubbles?  Pop, pop, POP!

Giant Bubble Blower
View Preview

Its probably not safe for your Neopet to ride in this.

Glowing Wagon

The only yoyo you can play with in the dark.

Glowing Yoyo

Get ready to play some Gormball with your very own Ursula Action Figure!

Gormball Ursula Action Figure

Great fun in the park, at the beach or in the snow!

Green Grarrl Flying Disc

Wind it up and watch it whizz around the bath!

Green Jetsam Bath Toy

These leaves almost look magical with their gentle glow.

Green Leaf String Lights
View Preview

A cute little Mynci puppet makes a great playmate for young pets.

Green Mynci Puppet

Your Neopet can pretend to be galloping across the land on this hand painted rocking Wocky.

Green Rocking Wocky

Everything your Neopet needs to make a sand masterpiece.

Green Sandcastle Kit

Pretend to groom your very own Tonu!

Groomable Tonu Doll

Have fun and help this Xweetok stay groomed with this toy!

Grooming Time Xweetok Toy

Every time the Grundo hits the paddle it squeeks.

Grundo Ball Paddleball

Open it up and look inside, you may find a trick... or a treat :)

Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag

OUCH! You will startle any Neopet that falls for this gag.

Hand Buzzer Gag

Is Hannah dancing?   Lets all do the Hannah!

Hannah Bobblehead

What a happy Kau!

Happy Kau Jigsaw Puzzle

If youre, say, a Chia, you have nothing to worry about.

Hissi Finger Trap

This daring looking Hissi is ready to explore the clouds!

Hissi Glider

It is possible to give someone quite a shock with this spring Hissi.

Hissi Spring

Not clear if its used to beckon Hissis or used by Hissis

Hissi Whistle

Your Neopet will love to save their hard earned Neopoints in this pretty piggy bank.

Icklesaur Piggy Bank

A gentle squeeze on the tail sends water jetting out of Icklesaurs mouth at over 30 feet per second.  This toy is a borderline weapon.

Icklesaur Squirt Toy

Not recommended for use in wooded areas.

Illusen Glider

Now you can listen to the sweet music of Isca whenever you want.

Isca Music Box

To celebrate the end of the Maraquan war the toy shop made eight commemorative balloons.

Jacques Balloon

Freak out all your Neofriends when you float by in one of these.

Jetsam Floaty Ring

Now young Neopets can try to figure out some of Jhudoras potions with this kit.

Jhudora Potion Kit

Everything you need to make your very own clay JubJub.

JubJub Clay Sculpture Set

A Kacheek treat is very sweet, even the toy plastic ones!

Kacheek Baking Set

Kaia flaps her wings and moves with grace.

Kaia Wind Up Toy

Can you make this pinata burst open to reveal all the delicious goodies inside?

Kau Pinata

Cute little figurine capable of launching a tiny gormball!

Kevin Gormball Action Figure

Everything you need to make your very own clay Kiko.

Kiko Clay Sculpture Set

Hey, is that a real Kookith in there?

Kookith Stacking Blocks

Your pet will just love playing Homerun Derby with this cute, Korbat-themed set.

KorBat and Ball Set

Your pet will have a great time bouncing around.

Kougra Pogo Stick

This Krawk Bubble Blaster was designed to shoot bubbles with lightening fast frequency.

Krawk Bubble Blaster

This Krawk clacker makes lots of noise as it opens and shuts its mouth.

Krawk Clacker

Even though it is a miniature toy replica it still looks pretty intimidating.

Krawk Pirate Ship

Why wait for a birthday celebration to get a balloon animal to play with?

Kyrii Balloon Animal

Keep your Neopet afloat in the pool or sea with this Leeble shaped rubber ring.

Leeble Rubber Ring

Light your way in a dark cave with this light stick.

Light Stick

Local Happenings is the best way to stay informed on all notable events around Neopia.

Local Happenings

An instant clip on new look for your Neopet.

Long Grey Beard

Open it up and see what treats are inside!

Lupe Stocking

This Lutari squirt toy can launch water up to 30 feet.  Just dont point it at your eye!

Lutari Squirt Toy

Its so magical it *sparkles*!

Magical Toy Glitter Wand

A fun game you can play on your own or with friends. This set comes with an iridescent Maraquan ball.

Maraquan Jacks and Ball Set

Watch the Skeith whizz around and around as you play with this Yoyo.

Maraquan Skeith Yoyo

Now you can re-enact great battles with your Meepit and Feepit action figures.

Meepit vs Feepit Action Figures

No matter what nefarious deed your pets want to pretend they are doing, they will need a toy rope.

Meerca Brothers Toy Rope

Open it up and look inside, you may find a trick... or a treat :)

Menacing Halloween Goodie Bag

This mote is the perfect gift for anyone that loves metallic motes.

Metallic Mote Balloon

Now your Neopet can draw and write in chalk and then erase it when they want.

Mini Lupe Chalk Board

Match up these faerie Neopets correctly, or mix them up for some hilarious results.

Mix and Match Faerie Puzzle

Watch the little Mootix go about their work with this great toy.

Mootix Farm

Soon you can make everyone insane with your new drum set.

MSPP Toy Drum Set

A much loved game that is perfect for sunny afternoons.

Multicoloured Boules Set

Quite a bit more popular than My Last Space Suit.

My First Space Suit

Aww... what a cute Mynci puppet.

Mynci Sock Puppet

Open it up and look inside! This was specially made to celebrate Neopets 14th birthday!

Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag

This toy makes a squeaking sound when you squeeze it!

Nimmo Squeeze Toy

Can you get your Flotsam across the churning seas to safety? Spin the dice and see!

Ocean Crossing Flotsam Board Game

This clever origami was folded out of one piece of paper!

Origami Chomby

Maybe THIS one will fly!

Origami Flying Machine

This little Spyder looks like it could walk right up the wall.

Origami Spyder
View Preview

Now with fast-drying paint.

Paint Your Own Kiko Kit

WOOSH! That is one fast paper airplane!

Paper Airplane

Test your throwing skills by challenging your friends to a paper star throwing contest.

Paper Star

Remember to lick your darts before you fire if you want them to stick!

Peophin Dart Gun

You can make a whole train of adorable Petpets with this toy!

Petpet Dominoes

OUCH! Hehe, it doesnt really hurt.

Pin the Tail on the Pteri

A pretty flying disc with a little Buzzer and the slogan So Cute on it.

Pink Buzzer Flying Disc

This pink yoyo is perfect for tricks and things.

Pink Yoyo

This will be the fiercest puppet in your collection.

Plushie Jetsam Sock Puppet

A small fun fire-themed game for the easily entertained.

Pocket Fire Pinball Game

This may not have the rich sound of a real harmonica, but is sure is pretty!

Polka Dotted Plastic Harmonica

Poogles are so adorable their faces make Jacks more fun!

Poogle Jacks

Poogles are so adorable their faces make racing more fun!

Poogle Racing Game

Never has playing with a potato been so much fun!

Potato Yo-yo

Thousands of these are sold in Sakhmet each day.  She is the princess after all.

Princess Amira Balloon

Fernypoo just had to be made into an action figure ahead of that awful Capara girl!

Princess Fernypoo Action Figure

As you pull this Pteri it flaps its wings as if it is flying - how cute!

Pull Along Blue Pteri Toy

This fun toy makes a clacking noise as you pull it along.

Pull Along Kyrii Toy

A trusty companion for your Neopet to pull along.

Pull Along Lupe

If you are feeling sad and blue, this cute Cybunny balloon should bring a smile to your face.

Purple Cybunny Balloon

Play the part of the purple Eyrie with this action figure.

Purple Eyrie Action Figure

This purple glider is prone to spooking Neopets when it comes in for a landing.

Purple Hissi Glider

A fun toy to take with you to the beach. Great for hiding footprints.

Purple Sand Rake

Your Neopet will have hours of fun with this adorable squeaky toy!

Purple Squeaky Slorg

This cute hand puppet just wants a hug.

Purple Xweetok Hand Puppet

It looks like its eating all your Neopoints, but really it is keeping them safe.

Pwerko Bank

They just keep coming...   How many Pygui can fit in a doll?

Pygui Nesting Dolls

Look at this balloon shine...

Quetzal Balloon

Quigukis forever!

Quiggle Quiguki Flag
View Preview

Now you can have a puppet show with a Quiggle!

Quiggle Sock Puppet

A toy Quiguki with a suspicious obsession with other Quiguki merchandise.

Quiguki Frenzy

All of the colors in this charm help to prevent against all sorts of bad luck.

Rainbow Doughnut Charm

Turn this toy upside down and it giggles.  How can you resist:)

Rainbow Elephante Toy

Tired of one lonely colour? A little dash will add loads of life to your sand sculptures.

Rainbow Sand Bottle

Awww what a cute Acara balloon.

Red Acara Balloon

Dance with your happy feet!

Red Dance Ribbon
View Preview

Whee! This spinning top makes a ferocious roar as it whizzes around.

Red Grarrl Spinning Top

Try to play Paddleball with this Hissi paddleball!

Red Hissi Paddleball Game

How can folded paper be so expensive? Because the fun is priceless!

Red Paper Airplane

A must have for the pets that love scooters.

Red Ruki Scooter

The sky is the limit on what you can create with this fun red sculpting clay.

Red Sculpting Clay

This plastic keyring features one of the many cute Neopets on offer.  Try and collect the set!

Red Tuskaninny Keyring

This durable vinyl Wocky should be fun to play with and will last for a long time.

Red Vinyl Wocky

The colour has leaked all over this Cybunny toy... oops, its back to the drawing board for that manufacturer :(

Reject Cybunny Toy

Oh dear, it seems as if they skimped with the mould here, it looks just like a normal Draik...

Reject Wind Up Baby Draik

Maybe on your 500th try it will finally blow out...

Relighting Shoyru Candle

Whizz all over Neopia in a pair of these brand new blades.

Roller Blades

This cuddly Schnelly puppet is fun to have around!

Schnelly Hand Puppet
View Preview

Your pets will stay amused with this great Scorchio bottle of bubbles.

Scorchio Bubbles

Everyone wants an Scorchio puppet that smells like stinky feet!

Scorchio Sock Puppet

Ya, build a fun building, Neopets etc. This dough is GREAT!

Sculpty Dough

What fun, marbles is the best game ever!

Set Of Marbles

Skate down the streets on this fun skateboard!

Sharky Skateboard

Great fun for bathtubs or outdoors.

Shoyru Boat Toy

Someone must have been very talented to twist a balloon into a Skeith shape!

Skeith Balloon Animal

It doesnt do much, really...

Skeith Guard Inaction Figure

Get creative with this handy magnetic sketch pad. Draw and erase over and over again.

Sketch a Pic

If you arent sure you are truly evil but you like the idea, why not get this slightly less evil doll!

Slightly Less Evil Youngest Drenched Sister Plushie

What better place to keep your Neopoints than an overly confident smug bug?

Smug Bug Bank

Toss these during a snowball fight for an element of surprise!

Snow Footbag

A pretty ball that looks a lot like the Snowager

Snowager Ball

Keep all of your favourite keepsakes in this fun sock pouch.

Sock Pouch

Complete this puzzle and you get an image of a Speckled Xweetok!

Speckled Xweetok Puzzle

If you are feeling sad and blue, this cute Cybunny balloon should bring a smile to your face.

Spotted Cybunny Balloon

Finally a way to dispense sprouts!

Sprout Gumball Machine
View Preview

This brightly coloured ball will cheer you Neopet up in no time.

Starry Meerca Ball

Fling this forward  fast to see how far you can extend the paper roll - oodles of fun!

Starry Paper Yo-Yo

This techo sticks to walls, ceilings and your sister or brother.

Sticky Techo

What better to make with stone and a string than a stone yoyo!

Stone Yoyo


Strange Growling Box

Wheee... when you spin it round it plays a little song.

Stripy Spinning Top

Maraquan Neopets probably have no use for these.

Surzard Flippers

Also great for scaring your siblings under water.

Surzard Goggles

Much better than your standard, non-webbed rowing device.

Surzard Oar

When this wand catches a breeze the windmill spins round and round.

Taelia Toy Wand

This adorable charm of an infamous potion can now be added to your collection!

Tagobo Potion Collectable Charm

A tough rubber ball that will keep you entertained for several minutes.

Techo Says Ball

Now your Neopet can pretend to swashbuckle to its hearts content.

Toy Pirate Sword

A pretty tent to play in.

Toy Tent

A regular Ukulele sounds pretty much like a toy, so we cannot say for sure if this toy one is any different from the original.

Toy Ukulele

A rolling Turmac will always return to you - when it comes with strings attached.

Turmac Roll Yo-Yo

Playful Tuskaninnies love yo-yos. Too bad they cannot hang on to them very well with their fins.

Tuskaninny Yoyo

This cool booster pack contains some Neopets Collectable Cards!  You can open it now, or keep it until later when it may be worth more!

Uni Booster Pack

Erm... you might not want your Neopet to play with this.

Unlucky Mirgle Paw

La de da de da...

Ursula Bobblehead

Ohhh, free stuff from the con! I wonder whats inside...

Usukicon Y11 Gift Bag

Ohhh, free stuff from the con! I wonder whats inside...

Usukicon Y15 Goodie Bag

If you are looking for the goodies, here they are…

Usukicon Y18 Goodie Bag

If you are looking for the goodies, here they are…

Usukicon Y21 Bag

Set up your own league with this exclusive bowling set.

Usul Bowling Set

Why resort to begging for tips after your show when you can con customers out of their coins as part of your act!

Vanishing Dubloon

Can you make this pinata burst open to reveal all the delicious goodies inside?

Vira Pinata

now you wont lose your keys anymore.

Volcano Run II Keyring

Aww, its hard to want to punch this bag.

Warf Punchbag

Learn all sorts of tricks with this adorable yoyo.

Warf Yoyo

What is better than a Faerie Water Charm?

Water Faerie Charm

This colourful beach ball will give a pet hours of fun in the summer.

Wave Print Beach Ball

Wind it up and watch it swim around your bath tub for hours!

White Goldy Bath Toy

This balloon has been cleverly shaped so it looks like a Wibreth.

Wibreth Balloon

At the back of the head there is a small winder.  Turn it three times and this Acara will run around for hours.

Wind Up Acara Toy

Wind it up and watch it crawl all over the place!

Wind Up Baby Buzz
View Preview

When you wind this Draik toy up its wings flap and it hops along the floor using its tail as a spring!

Wind Up Blue Draik Toy

Wind it up and watch this little Hasee bounce across the floor.

Wind Up Bouncing Hasee

Hovering around is easy for this cute little faerie Xweetok.

Wind Up Faerie Xweetok

Wind it up and watch it stomp all around the room roaring loudly.

Wind Up Fire Niptor

When you wind this JubJub toy up it walks along the floor!

Wind Up Maraquan JubJub

Just wind this blue Bruce toy up and enjoy minutes of entertainment!

Wind Up Sliding Blue Bruce

Just wind this yellow Bruce toy up and enjoy minutes of entertainment!

Wind Up Sliding Yellow Bruce

Wind it up and watch this Wreathy totter all over the place.

Wind Up Wreathy

When you wind this Draik toy up its wings flap and it hops along the floor using its tail as a spring!

Wind Up Yellow Draik Toy

Wind it up and watch it stomp around your room.

Wind Up Yellow Grarrl

If you get enough of these together you can build a gigantic castle or huge monster!

Wooden Building Blocks

Test your throwing skills with this fun game!

Wooden JubJub Hoop Game

Arrr every pirate needs a cool looking ship to sail in!

Wooden Pirate Ship

Make sure you dont get any splinters while playing with this.

Wooden Pyramid Puzzle

Almost like a Quiggle plushie, only far less cuddly.

Wooden Quiggle Toy

This sturdy Rocking Uni can support even the bulkiest Neopet.

Wooden Rocking Uni

The ride isn super smooth, but you will have a grand time with this skateboard!

Wooden Skateboard

This carved puzzle can be quite tricky.

Wooden Sphere Puzzle

These stilts are quite fun and now you might be able to be taller than that older sibling.

Wooden Stilts

This knitting set has everything your Neopet will need to make a fine woollen jumper.

Woollen Jumper Knitting Set

The leaves make a lovely rustling noise as the yoyo twirls up and down.

Wreathy Yoyo

This plastic keyring features one of the many cute Neopets on offer.  Try and collect the set!

Yellow Korbat Keyring

This shiny paint brush charm is perfect for any collector.

Yellow Paint Brush Collectable Charm

How can folded paper be so expensive? Because the fun is priceless!

Yellow Paper Airplane

This plastic keyring features one of the many cute Neopets on offer. Try and collect the set!!

Yellow Skeith Keyring

Already Visited
If you try to spend more time with the plushie, you will come to learn he is a very tired grundo plushie who needs his sleep.

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

What? You have already visited the plushie today, and he appreciates your attention, but he needs to sleep now.


Old Look
TDMBGPOP originally looked like this and could be found in the location in Faerieland squared off in the second picture.

On September 17th, 2009 (Y11) Faerieland's Map was revamped, the Faerie Festival arrived to celebrate the makeover, and TDMBGPOP was re-released as a daily with new artwork.
Later, after the events of The Faeries' Ruin which brought Faerieland out of the clouds, TDMBGPOP was found hanging from a tree branch.

Redraw Occurred on September 17, 2009 (Y11)


The Faeries' Ruin Redraw




The Avatar
There is an avatar that you can receive from this daily. It is awarded at complete random and any of the possible outcomes can award it.

Grundo - Discarded Plushie


The plushie remains ever silent...