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Haunted Hijinks

What is "Haunted Hijinks"?
Frst Launched in October, 2011, Haunted Hijinksis a NC Mall Halloween daily activity. Buy your ticket, whack a Ghost Petpet, and you'll get some fun items!

In October 2013 and 2014, Haunted Hijinks was back again!

This event looks slightly like the Ghost Bopper game: hit the ghosts to make them disappear.

Not only do the ghost Petpets disappear, they'll also leave an NC item behind. You can buy a Menacing Mallet to whack these ghost Petpets in the NC Mall. Each day, you can whack a ghost and see what price you receive. The event is running from 19th to 31st October.

How do I participate?
You can buy Menacing Mallets at the NC Mall. You can buy 1, 5 or 13-packs. If you buy the larger packs, you'll be off cheaper than buying separate packs. There's a total of 13 ghosts you can hit with the Mallets. For each day, a new Ghost Petpet will become available to bob. If this happens, the tombstone will get a yellow glow. You can hit the ghosts on the day they come out, but it it also possible to hit them on later days. You'll have until November 6th to bob the ghosts and collect your goodies. You may also participate in Haunted Hijinks on side accounts. For more information, see the FAQ below.

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Haunted Hijinks Menacing Mallet 1-Pack
150 NC
On sale until Oct 31

Haunted Hijinks Menacing Mallet 5-Pack
500 NC
On sale until Oct 31

Haunted Hijinks Menacing Mallet 13-Pack
1000 NC
On sale until Oct 31

How do I activate my Mallets?
After purchasing your ticket at the NC Mall, go to your inventory and activate your Mallet pack. Then visit the Haunted Hijinks page to hit the ghosts. If a ghost on a tombstone is shining bright, this is a sign it can be whacked. A yellow glow around the tombstone means this is the tombstone that has become available for hitting the ghost today.

What kind of prize do the ghost Petpets give out?
That's the surprise, isn't it? The contents should be "exclusive NC item prizes", not items that are regularly available for sale in the NC Mall. The regular prizes for the Mallets are shown below:

Oct 19Oct 20Oct 21Oct 22

Orange Contacts

(Click to Preview)

Ruffled Gothic Silk Wrap

(Click to Preview)

Toxic Skull Lantern

(Click to Preview)

Haunted Hijinks Gift Box

Oct 23Oct 24Oct 25Oct 26

Dual Personality Makeup

(Click to Preview)

Unsettling Lamp Set

(Click to Preview)

Oct 27Oct 28Oct 29Oct 30

Spectral Chains

(Click to Preview)

Phantom Carriage

(Click to Preview)

Sleek Purple Wig

(Click to Preview)
Oct 31 

Skeletal Hoodie

(Click to Preview)

Cobrall Constrictor

(Click to Preview)
Bonus item for clearing all 13 ghosts

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bop ghosts for days that have passed?
Yes. Ghosts can be bopped on gravestones that are available in the past or on that day. Ghosts that are ready to be bopped (whether in the past or that day) will be brighter in color than the other ghosts around them.

Can I bop the same ghost more than once?
No. Unfortunately you can only bop each of the 16 ghosts once for every account.

Can I participate in the Haunted Hijinks on my side account(s)?
Yes, you can participate in the Haunted Hijinks on your side account(s).

How do I activate my Menacing Mallets?
There are two ways to activate your Menacing Mallets:

1. Visit your inventory. Once in your inventory, click on your Menacing Mallets and select “Activate Mallet Pack”.
2. If you purchased your Menacing Mallets from the Haunted Hijinks page you can activate it right after purchase. Once you see the confirmation page simply click the “activate now” button and confirm the use of your mallet.

After you activate your Menacing Mallets visit the Haunted Hijinks page to begin bopping ghosts!

How do I purchase Menacing Mallets?
There are two ways you can purchase your Menacing Mallets. Visit the NC Mall or Haunted Hijinks to purchase your Menacing Mallets (in packs of 1, 5, or 16). The number of Menacing Mallets in the pack represents the number of times you can bop a ghost to receive an NC item prize. Once you purchase your mallets, be sure to activate them in your inventory before claiming your prize(s).

I bopped ghosts on Day 4, and/or 8 why didn't I receive a bonus NC gift box prize on those days?
You will only receive a bonus NC gift box prize on the 4th and 8th consecutive ghost you bop regardless of order. For example, I bopped ghosts on day 1, 2, 3, and 5 then received two NC item prizes.

I purchased Menacing Mallets but I can’t bop any ghosts.
Did you activate your Menacing Mallets? To activate your Menacing Mallets, visit your inventory. Once you visit your inventory, click on your Menacing Mallets and select “Activate Menacing Mallets”. After you activate your Menacing Mallets visit the Haunted Hijinks page to begin bopping ghosts!

Is there a time limit for accepting my daily prize ?
There really isn’t a time limit for collecting your daily prizes but the sooner the better so you can enjoy them! If you activated and have remaining Menacing Mallets, you will be able to return to the page to claim your prize as long as the Haunted Hijinks page is still accessible.

There is a yellow glow around a gravestone. What does that mean?
A yellow glow around a gravestone indicates the current day of the event. When a gravestone is glowing yellow it means it is ghost bopping time!

What is the duration of the Haunted Hijinks?
Haunted Hijinks will go from October 16 to 11:59 pm NST on October 31st.

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