Buried Treasure

What is Buried Treasure?
Buried Treasure is a daily located on Krawk Island where you pull out a ticket from the game board in hope of finding The Black Pawkeet's buried treasure! In honor of Neopets' birthday, you are allowed to play Buried Treasure for free all day.

Please remember that since you can earn Neopoints and obtain items from Buried Treasure, you are not allowed to play it on side accounts. To learn more about side accounts, and what you can and cannot do with them, please visit our Side Account Guide.

How to play Buried Treasure
To start playing Buried Treasure, and pull a ticket out of the game board, click on the "Click to Play! Only 300 NP a game!" button. Each game costs 300 NP to play, and you're allowed to play once every 3 hours.

Treasure of the Black Pawkeet

IMPORTANT: Please do not create multiple accounts to visit the Treasure of the Black Pawkeet as it unbalances the game. You are limited to one account per person to visit here. Using multiple accounts simply to gain Neopoints is not allowed and will result in freezing.

It is said that many years ago, the captain of the notorious pirate ship The Black Pawkeet, ol' Cap'n Bloodhook was tossed overboard in a storm. Everybody thought he had died, but his crewmates were a bit wary of ol' Bloodhook, knowing that he could survive anything nature threw at him. His crewmates formulated a plan... they would take all the treasure from the ship and bury it somewhere in Krawk Island. If he ever came back they would say they were raided and the treasure was stolen...

It just so happened that Bloodhook had survived, and he had found out what his mutinous crew had done. When he climbed back on board he gave a thunderous roar and leapt to the attack... not a single person other than Bloodhook survived that bloody battle. The secret of where his treasure was buried was lost forever... until now.

Can YOU find the treasure?
(you can try once every three hours)

You'll then be taken to a new page displaying the game board. Here you can choose whichever ticket you'd like by clicking anywhere on the game board. The entire board is made up of coordinates, for example the top left corner square contains the coordinate 41,38, and as well as many others.

Treasure of the Black Pawkeet

Where do YOU think the treasure is buried? Choose a square... and if your ticket has a message on, you have won!

Cumulative Jackpot : 1,126,200 NP

Once you pull out a ticket you'll then be taken to another page where you'll see your ticket's result.

Treasure of the Black Pawkeet

Petname pulls out a ticket... and...

You won 500 Neopoints!

If you click around on the wooden edges of the game board you will be taken to a new page telling you to pick a square on the game board. The game board will be listed below this message.

Please pick a square on the board!

Where do YOU think the treasure is buried? Choose a square... and if your ticket has a message on, you have won!

Cumulative Jackpot : 1,126,200 NP

Buried Treasure Ticket Results
There are many different ticket results you can receive from Buried Treasure. Most of the game board contains empty tickets where you receive no prize at all. Others tickets contain booby prizes or Neopoints. All possible ticket results are listed below.

Ticket Results
You Won 500 Neopoints!
You Won 1,000 Neopoints!
You Won 2,000 Neopoints!
You Won 5,000 Neopoints!!
You Won 20,000 Neopoints!!!!!!
You won the Jackpot!!!!!!
You won 1 Dubloon!
You won A Booby Prize :(
You Won Nothing :(

Keep tryin', you'll find the treasure soon!

Booby Prizes
Listed below are the total 7 Gross Food booby prizes that you can obtain from Booby Prize tickets in Buried Treasure.

Booby Prizes

Buried Burger

Maggoty Spud

Rancid Old Meat

Rock Baby Cabbages

Snout Plant

Spongy Mound

Yellow Growth

Drifting Treasure Theory
Untrue to popular belief, finding the Buried Treasure might not be completely random. One very well approved theory for the Buried Treasure is that the treasure moves around in a sea drift type pattern.

It is thought that this "sea drift" pattern occupies a 3x3 square portion of the game board. However, since the game board is made up of 225 squares, the chances of finding this "sea drift" are very slim.

It is also thought that you can determine if you are close to the treasure by looking at what you are receiving from your tickets. For example, it is believed that when you receive 2,000 Neopoints, you're very likely to be somewhere inside the 3x3 square, which means the Jackpot is close!

We have provided the image below to show you an idea of what the 3x3 square could look like on the game board.

The 3x3 square would eventually move to another position on the game board, either by someone finding the Jackpot, or because nobody found it fast enough. This also adds onto the difficulty of finding the treasure.

Make your own treasure chart
To help you on your search for finding the Buried Treasure, we have created a simple 15x15 square chart for your convenience. Just click on the image to take you to a new page where you can print it out, or download it and use it in an art program.

Please refer to the text below the chart for an example on how to use.

Click image for larger view.

To use the treasure chart, you must first go play Buried Treasure and view the game board. Make sure you have your treasure chart available so you can mark off which square you will be using.

For this example we will be choosing square E2. Now, locate the square E2 on the actual Buried Treasure game board. Click anywhere inside of that square and write down the coordinates as well as what your ticket said.

Only once every 3 hours
You're only allowed to buy one ticket every three hours, otherwise when you try to purchase another, you'll be told to wait for however many more minutes until three hours have gone by since your last purchase.

Sorry, you have to wait another 116 minutes to play again :(

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Aisha Scalawag

Awarded randomly while pulling a winning ticket at Buried Treasure.