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Apple Bobbing

What is Apple Bobbing?
Apple Bobbing is located in Neovia, just outside of the Haunted Woods. Apple Bobbing is a new daily where you can "Bob for Apples" and hopefully win a prize! It's run by Vandebart Biggsby the green Gnorbu, but you can call him Bart for short.

Before Apple Bobbing was located in Neovia, it was an activity to do during October 2010's Haunted Faire. To learn more about the original Apple Bobbing, and the rest of the Haunted Faire, visit our Haunted Faire Guide.

How do you play Apple Bobbing?
To start Apple Bobbing, you need to click on the "Bob For Apples" button below the image of Bart.

Once you click on the "Bob For Apples" button, you'll be taken to a new page showing what you received:

Although it seems like you would get an apple for apple bobbing, there are actually many different prizes you can receive. You could get items, you could lose Neopoints, your pet could get sick, you can lose an item in your inventory, or you might not get any prize at all!

Normal item prizes

Way to go! It looks like you've bobbed up a(n) Apple Bobbing Bart: A
Biography for yourself! It can be found in your Inventory - that is, if the Pant
Devil hasn't stolen it already. Bwahahahaha! Aww relax, I was just kidding...
sort of. Anyhow, be sure to come back tomorrow for another bob. Who
knows what you'll win?

The normal items you can receive consist of a variety of different prizes, including foods, books, plushies, furniture, and as well as a few other types of items. Here's a list of all the different item you can receive

The items with the yellow background are exclusive items that you can only receive while Apple Bobbing, which means you cannot Restock them from Neopian shops, or get them from Random Events.

Apple Bobbing Exclusive

Amulet of Darkness

Angry Pumpkin

Apple Apple

Apple Bobbing Bart: A Biography

Apple Bobbing Bart Bark

Apple Bobbing Bart Hat

(Click to Preview)

Apple Bobbing Bart Plushie

Apple Bobbing Cane

(Click to Preview)

Apple Bobbing Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Apple Bobbing Manual

Apple Mitts

(Click to Preview)

Apple Spyder

Apple-Free Apple Cobbler

Applehead Bart Plushie

Autumn Harvest Foreground

Autumn Harvest Foreground

(Click to preview)

Autumn Planter

Avocado Gummy Korbat Tail

Baked Pumpkin Bread

Beaten Old Apple

Blueberry Gummy Korbat Tail

Blue Korbat Plushie

Bound Darkness Scroll

Bronze Apple

Cactus Apple

Cauldron Table

Cherry Gummy Korbat Tail

Chocolate Cone Witch Hat

Chocolate Ice Cream Apple Lantern

Chocolate Korbat Ice Lolly

Cobweb Cake

Cold Apple Cider

Comfy Pumpkin Bean Bag

Cotton Apple

Crabby Apple

Cup of Stagnant Water

Customised Apple

Crystal Ball Table

Dappled Apple

Dark Apple Slicer

Dark Chocolate Gnorbu

Dark Dagger

Dark Nova

Dark Red Spooky Candle

Dark Vine Potion

Deviled Delight

Deviled Eggs

Digital Apple

Dilapidated Fence Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Disco Apple

Dopple Dapple Apple

Eau de Korbat

Ednas Spooky Brew

Eliv Thade Chips

Elppa Apple

Evil Hair Clip

Evil Muffin

Evil Snowflake

Evil Spells

Evil Twin Goatee

(Click to Preview)

Franken Apple

Frozen Apple

Ghost Aisha Plushie

Ghost Burger

Ghost Lupe Spooky Stories

Ghostly Apple

Ghostly Soup

Gingerbread Korbat

Golden Apple

Grapple Apple

Grarrl Balloon Pet

Gravestone Chair

Green Korbat Plushie

Green Tentacle Eraser

Grey Evil Fuzzle

Grobrin Pencil Sharpener

Halloween Aisha Stamp

Halloween Bori Plushie

Halloween Dribblet Plushie

Halloween Gelert Plushie

Halloween Ruki Tales

Haunted Apple

Haunted Cookie Jar

Haunted Drums

Haunted Milk

Haunted Mynci

Haunted Pumpkin Bar

Haunted Woods Chocolate Milk Glass

Haunted Woods Reader

Haunted Woods Snowglobe

Headless Von Roo Plushie

Hot Apple Cider

Imposter Apple

Into the Forest

Jar of Meepit Eyes

Koibat Plushie

Korbat Halloween

Korbats Lab Stamp

Korbat Mooncake

Korbat Seasonal Fruit Basket

Little Witch Usuki

Maraquan Apple

Meepit Lamp

Meowclops Candy Apple

Meowclops Chair

Meowclops Coffee Table

Meowclops Statue

Milk Chocolate Korbat

Mini Apple Bobbing Game

Mug of Apple Bobbing Water

My First Dentures

Mystery Of Halloween

Nightsteed Cake

Nightsteed Mug

Night Stone

One Scary Night

Operatic Apple

Orange Chocolate Korbat

Orange Gummy Korbat Tail

Organic Korbat Pumpkins

Pack o Pumpkin Seeds

Petrified Apple

Piles of Apples Background

(Click to Preview)

Pile of Spooky Laundry

(Click to preview)

Possessed Eyes

(Click to Preview)

Pumpkin Baby Food

Pumpkin Chip Surprise

Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin-Filled Doughnut

Pumpkin Ink Frame

(Click to Preview)

Pumpkin Lid Hat

(Click to Preview)

Pumpkin Lip Gloss

Pumpkin Mocha

Pumpkin Pasty

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Roll

Pumpkin Spice Soap

Pumpkin Waffles

Red Korbat Plushie

Rotten Apple

Scariest Neopian

Scary Ink Frame

(Click to preview)

Shadow Korbat Plushie

Shiny Apple

(Click to preview)

Silver Apple

Slimy Apple

Sophie the Swamp Witch

Spiced Pumpkin Coffee

Spirit of the Ruins Fizz

Spooky Apple Muffin

Spooky Buzz Tales

Spooky Comb

Spooky Doughnut

Spooky Food Ideas

Spooky Ghost Usuki

Spooky Gravestone Stamp

Spooky Green Candles

Spooky Kau Story

Spooky Korbat Candle

Spooky Korbat Stories

Spooky Lantern

(Click to preview)

Spooky Looking Dark Potion

Spooky Ring

Spooky Rock

Spooky Skeith Adventures

Spooky Skull Perfume

Spooky Stories

Spooky Tree Flute

Spy Apple

Spyder Cupcakes

Strange Behaviors

Tarnished Apple

The Art of Apple Bobbing

Unconverted Apple

Undead Apple

Undead Apple Tree Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Ultra Dark Reflectorb

Unexplained Disappearances

Unnerving Hat

Untarnished Apple

Vampire Apple

Villainous Apple

Von Kougra Plushie

White Chocolate Ghosts

White Chocolate Korbat

Whoot Cookies

Witch Hunting Techniques

Witchcraft Spells

Wooden Korbat Bat and Ball Game

Yellow Korbat Plushie

Other prizes

Oh no! It seems you've had a spot of bad luck, my friend. I guess
that's how it goes in life - sometimes you get the apple, and then
other times the apple gets you. Don't be discouraged, though... after
all, you never know: your next bob could be your best bob! Visit your
Inventory to see what you got.

Unlike receiving a normal item prize from Apple Bobbing, you may be unlucky and end up bobbing up a Gross Food, or some other unlucky item! Here is a list of all the items you can receive:

Linty Bologna

Poison Snowball

Poisonous Jelly

Rotten Carrot

Rotten Egg Salad

Rotten Negg and Onion Quesadilla

Rotten Tomato Salad

Rotten Wormy Apple

Snot Pizza Slice

Snot Umbrella

Very Rotten Tomato

Worms and Dirt Sundae

Pet diseases

You lean over the barrel to see what apple looks the best and as you
lean over you drop something into the water and out pops an apple right
into your forehead. OUCH! You now seem to have Blurred Vision.

If you're very unlucky, your pet may become sick while Apple Bobbing. For more information about Pet Diseases an cures, visit our Diseases & Cures Guide.

Losing items

While dipping your head in the cold, murky, apple-filled water, you
feel the belongings you were holding in your arms start to slip. *splash*
Oh no! Not your Tombola T-shirt.

While Apple Bobbing, you may end up losing an item. It's random which item you'll lose, but you can lose any item that is currently in your inventory!

Losing neopoints

While bending over the water, those Neopoints you were saving
slide out of your pockets. *Plop, plop, plop* Drat. So much for
that can of Neocola you were going to buy later.

As well as losing items, you can actually lose some Neopoints! Here is a list of how many Neopoints you can lose, and what text you'll receive:

While bending over the water, those Neopoints you were saving slide out of your pockets. *Plop, plop, plop* Drat. So much for that can of Neocola you were going to buy later.
Lose 300 neopoints
While you have your head thoroughly entrenched in a barrell full of musty water that others have been dunking their heads in all day, a member of the thieves guild decides to "relieve" you of some of those heavy Neopoints you've been carrying around.
Lose 300-3,000 neopoints

Losing HP

While bobbing for an apple you hiccup and snort in some of the
murky water. Gagging and coughing you really start to feel quite tired.

Another result you can receive from Apple Bobbing is losing HP. Your current active Neopet will lose 50% of his HP. Here is the text of the results that make your pet lose 50% of their HP:

  • While bobbing for an apple you hiccup and snort in some of the murky water. Gagging and coughing you really start to feel quite tired.
  • You dip your head into the apple barrell, gripping your prize firmly in your teeth. Upon emerging proudly with your prize, you are horrified to see that it's... someone's dentures?! You flail around in disgusted horror until you hit the fence and tumble headfirst over it. Ouch.

Getting nothing

You get very greedy and try to wrestle with several items at once.
You lose your grip on all of them and end up with nothing at all. Pity!

Unfortunately, you can't always win a prize from Apple Bobbing. Although you can't always win a prize, there are many different results you can receive from not getting a prize. Here's a list of them:

  • As you finally pull out an item you had your eye on, a passing Batterfly flies around your head, causing you to flail and drop the prize back into the barrel. D'oh!
  • As you gaze into the water, about to bob your head in for a chance at appley-goodness, you notice a reflection in the water. It's Bart's hat. You're suddenly struck by a strange, uncomfortable feeling. Feeling ill at ease, you decide to skip bobbing for apples and head straight home. You don't sleep well.
  • As you hold your head over the murky water, you see a great prize slowly bobbing towards you. Suddenly, someone bumps into you from behind, causing you to lose your concentration and sight of your prize. Drat!!
  • As you move to get the item you had your eye on, you hear eerie music coming from far away. You leave the apple bobbing stall to follow the music, which disappears after a few moments.
  • It seems like just any other normal day for apple bobbing, but when you lean across the water, it begins to glow green. You stare in unease as the water glows brighter and brighter until it stops. You shrug and leave, forgetting all about getting a prize.
  • You eagerly reach for the perfect prize you have been waiting for, but only when you retrieve it do you realize it's nothing but some folded up rubbish. You toss it in the bin where it belongs.
  • You eagerly swish your head around in the water, and finally catch something in your teeth and bring it up. ARGH, you got a mouthful of Spyders! You spit them out in surprise, ending up with no prize at all.
  • You finally decide on which item to pick out when you suddenly see a flash of pink. A Meepit? You stare at the place you last saw the creature but nothing else happens. You leave the stall feeling a little perturbed.
  • You get very greedy and try to wrestle with several items at once. You lose your grip on all of them and end up with nothing at all. Pity!
  • You lean forward to take your prize when the water splashes up and into your eyes. You stumble back and spend the rest of your turn blinking the stagnant water out of your eyes.
  • You lean too far forward and fall head-first into the barrel! Bart grabs you by the collar and drags you out but now you are too drenched to continue on your search for the perfect prize.

Only one bob per day
Because Apple Bobbing is a Daily, you're only allowed to go Apple Bobbing once a day. If you bob and return to the page later, you'll see different text, and the "Bob For Apples" button is gone.

Think I'm blind underneath this hat? 'Fraid not. I've already let you
have a go at Apple Bobbing today, and I don't mean to give any folk
advantages. Away with you, then, until tomorrow.

The avatar:
While Apple Bobbing, if you get very lucky and bob an Imposter Apple, you may receive an avatar. It also works the other way around. You can buy an Imposter Apple and keep it in your inventory. If you end up losing it while Apple Bobbing, you also get the avatar.

Imposter Apple
Randomly awarded when bobbing an 'Imposter Apple' or when losing an Imposter Apple from your inventory at Apple Bobbing.

Tip: Read SunnyNeo's Apple Bobbing guide for more information about Apple Bobbing.

- ● - ● - ● - ● - ● -
wait... IMPOSTER!


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