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Capri Sun Clubhouse

What is the 'Capri Sun Clubhouse'?
This is a sponsor activity area by Kraft/Capri Sun, available to players in the United States. This activity contains several areas to play games, feed your pets and participate in finding Capri Sun pouches that have been hidden around the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse can be found in the Neopian Bazaar, Neopia Central.

Visiting the Clubhouse

When you visit the Capri Sun Clubhouse, there are several activities to choose from.

  • Refrigerator - Feed a Pet
  • Characters - click on images for descriptions
  • Game System below Television - Games and Daily Trivia
  • Task List - Hidden Capri Sun Pouches activity
  • Laptop Computer - Respect the Pouch prize shop
  • Television - watch Capri Sun videos

Respect the Pouch Prize Shop:
As you participate in the various Capri Sun activities, points should be added to your balance. The Respect the Pouch Prize Shop is where you can spend the points that are added to your balance by doing the various Capri Sun activities.

Prizes Available

Usul Water Balloon Attack
200 points

Squeaky Moach Toy
500 points

Springy Gelert Toy
800 points

Collectors Guide to Bobbleheads
1000 points

Sand Pit
1500 points

Ultimate Icy Negg
6000 points

Daily Trivia:
There's a Daily Trivia game at the Clubhouse; you can earn 200 nps per day! We will be posting the questions and answers here.

Note: Trivia seems to be glitched, message says you're getting 200 nps, but it is not awarded.

Daily Trivia
Date Question Answer
August 31 What is Whoopee Cushner's passion? Music
August 30 Who tells Leaky Louie to use his powers for good? Chuck the Clucker
August 29 What does Sandy Mandy run into on the beach? Trash can
August 28 Balloona Luna turns into a balloon swan and then into a: Balloon poodle
August 27 What attack does Leaky Louie use to defeat Chuck? Water Shield
August 26 How does Chewie Stewie fly? Ears
August 25 Who is the first Disrespectoid Harry sees? Boing Boing Betty
August 24 Chewie Stewie's troubles start when he falls into: The punch
August 23 Which of these things is inside Slow Moe's shell? TV
August 22 Chewie Stewie's troubles start when he falls into: The punch
August 21 What's inside Slow Moe's shell? TV
August 20 What symbol is on Bobby's shirt? Lightning Bolt
August 19 Who is hanging out by the pool? Leaky Louie
August 18 What does Bobby NOT want to do? Any of these!
August 17 Who is in charge of juice patrol? Leaky Louie
August 16 Who does all the cooking in the clubhouse? Chuck the Clucker
August 15 What kind of eggs does Bobblehead Fred order? Poached
August 14 What colors are Slow Moe's Sneakers? Red and Black
August 13 What key fires the cannon in Shell Shock? Z
August 12 Who is shaped like a turtle? Slow Moe
August 11 What color are Slow Moe's eyes? Blue
August 10 Where does Shell Shock take place? Rec center
August 9 What kind of games does Slow Moe like to play? Slow moving
August 8 Slow Moe stars in the game _____. Shell Shock
August 7 Slow Moe's plan to look cool was a _____. Bellyflop
August 6 What is NOT a good idea for a day at the pool? Mess with the pouch
August 5 Slow Moe looks like a: Turtle
August 4 What's Chewie Stewie's weapon of choice in Tomato Toss? Tomatoes
August 3 Chewie Stewie faces the critics in _____: Tomato Toss
August 1 There's a giant _____ in the park in Splash Bash. Cake
July 31 Balloona Luna's armed and ready, thanks to her _____. Water balloons
July 30 How many stools are there in Beach Brawl? 2
July 29 What's a crazy mess of fun around here? Playing Beach Brawl
July 28 About how many seconds long is the first round in Beach Brawl? 12
July 27 What's next to the pink bucket in Sandy Mandy's Beach Brawl? Crab
July 26 How many kids show up at the beginning of Beach Brawl? 1 to 2
July 25 What color is the Capri Sun surfboard? Pink
July 24 What's Sandy Mandy throwing at the mean kids in Beach Brawl? Beach balls
July 23 What key fires the cannon in Beach Brawl? Z
July 22 What is Sandy Mandy's hair made of? Seaweed
July 21 Sandy Mandy could use your help putting the _____ down on mean kids. Splash
July 20 Who's got a sandcastle on her head? Sandy Mandy
July 19 Life just got _____ for poor Sandy Mandy. Gritty
July 18 Thanks to the pouch, Sandy Mandy is now made of _____. Sand
July 17 What color is the beach umbrella? Red and White
July 16 Whose foot is stuck in a bucket? Sandy Mandy
July 15 Sandy Mandy makes the beach a safer place in _____. Beach Brawl
July 14 What color are Sandy Mandy's glasses? Red
July 13 What's great about a day at the beach? All of these
July 12 How did Sandy Mandy disrespect the pouch? Buried it in sand
July 11 Sandy Mandy's full game includes All of these
July 10 Where does Tomato Toss take place? Stage
July 9 Will the dogs appreciate the ___ on Chewie Stewie's shirt? Who knows? Stripes
July 8 What color is Boing Boing Betty's spring? Red
July 7 What's Chuck got in his hand in his wallpaper? Egg
July 6 Bobblehead Fred's wallpaper has this sign: Stop
July 5 Run, Louie! In Leaky Louie's wallpaper, what's chasing him? Poodle
July 4 What's in Whoopee Cushner's wallpaper? Ice cream truck
July 3 Whoa, where did Whoopee Cushner's big transformation happen? Picnic Table
July 2 Who's earned a place as Disrespectoid 17? Bobblehead Fred
July 1 Leaky Louie: aka Disrespectoid _____. 4
June 30 Do not _____ the pouch. All of these
June 29 Lame! Who keeps trying to steal Chuck's pouches? Neighbors
June 28 Leaky Louie just had to try drinking from the _____ of the pouch. Bottom
June 27 Boing Boing Betty didn't have a clue. Now she's Disrespectoid _____. 22
June 26 Who's got braces? Boing Boing Betty
June 25 What's Leaky Louie got on his jacket? Smiley
June 24 The pouch just wants _____. Is that too much to ask? Respect
June 23 What did the Disrespectoids do to deserve this? Dissed the pouch
June 22 How many points is an achievement in Throwdeo? 25,000
June 21 Poodles are just... Terrifying!
June 20 How many points show true Disrespect in Hard Boiled? 25,000
June 19 What's on Chuck's shirt? Corn
June 18 You can find Capri Sun pouches in _____ in Hard Boiled. Nests
June 17 Chuck the Clucker keeps these in a private stash: Capri Sun pouches
June 16 How many points is really Disrespectful in Stink the Landing? 2,000
June 15 So why isn't Whoopee Cushner a cheerleader anymore? The smell
June 14 Who pranked her way off the cheerleading squad? Whoopee Cushner
June 13 How many points is an achievement in Odd Jobbin'? 25,000
June 12 What can Leaky Louie do now thanks to the pouch? Put out fires
June 11 What's a good job for a walking sprinkler? Washing cars
June 10 How many points show true Disrespect in Crash Course? 25,000
June 9 In Crash Course, Bobblehead Fred has to duck under _____ Stop signs
June 8 What's got Bobblehead Fred on the run? Angry bees
June 7 Who's in the doghouse, thanks to the pouch? Chewie Stewie
June 6 What's Handlebar Harry's game called? Holy Spokes!
June 5 This Disrespectoid is just spinning his wheels. Handlebar Harry
June 4 Who’s got a new spring in her step? Boing Boing Betty
June 3 Who's a bit chicken now? Chuck the Clucker
June 2 This Disrespectoid is full of holes! Leaky Louie.
June 1 What happened to Bobblehead Fred's head? It got bigger.
May 31 Whoopee Cushner's got a new look. It's all about the: Whoopee Cushions
May 30 Only true Disrespectoids find the _____ in Throwdeo. Secret Golden POuch
May 29 Disrespect changes you. Chewie Stewie's now a _____. Squeaky Toy
May 28 Aw, Chewie Stewie, did you really give the pouch to a: Dog
May 27 According to Balloona Luna, one pouch is worth: 2 water balloons
May 26 So why did Balloona Luna trade the pouch for a water balloon? Who knows?
May 25 This nice girl is always floating around. Freaky. Balloona Luna
May 24 What’s up with Balloona Luna? She’s made of: Balloons
May 23 He may wear a tie, but he's still a Disrespectoid: Handlebar Harry
May 22 Handlebar Harry is a real _____. Be good, Handlebar Harry. Daredevil
May 21 Who earned himself a permanent set of training wheels? Handlebar Harry
May 20 Oooh, Handlebar Harry’s got a new: Bike
May 19 Holy Spokes! Who's pulling those stunt moves? Handlebar Harry
May 18 That's not a playground toy, that's Boing Boing Betty in the game called: Throwdeo
May 17 Who's a champion pogo sticker? Boing Boing Betty
May 16 What was the last thing that Boing Boing Betty bounced off? The pouch
May 15 Boing Boing Betty bounced around on _____. All of these
May 14 Join Chuck the Clucker in some champion egg-tossing with: Hard Boiled
May 13 Who chewed Chuck up and spit him out as a half-chicken? The pouch
May 12 The pouch turned Chuck the Clucker into a champion _____. Egg-layer
May 11 What chump tossed a pouch in with the chickens? Chuck the Clucker
May 10 Whoopee Cushner calls for, well. . . not joy in the game called: Stink the Landing
May 9 How long would Whoopee Cushner wait to play a trick on you? A heartbeat
May 8 Which practical joker thought she was a funny girl? Whoopee Cushner
May 7 She thought, "No whoopie cushion? No problem!" No way. Whoopee Cushner
May 6 Some think it's a hobby, but for Whoopee Cushner, it's an art. Practical Jokes
May 5 Leaky Louie's ready to make a little pocket money in: Odd Jobbin'
May 4 Who tried to impress his little sister by dissing the pouch? Leaky Louie
May 3 Who got poke-happy with the pouch? Leaky Louie
May 2 Bobblehead Fred's on the run in the game called: Crash Course
May 1 That bandage on your head looks smashing, _______ Bobblehead Fred

Hidden Pouch Search:
A few pouches are feeling disrespected and have hidden throughout the clubhouse. Search around to find their locations. The locations will be released over time, not all at once.

Hidden Pouches
Clue Location Reward
Those pouches couldn't have gone too far. Best to case the joint a few times! Click on all the links within the clubhouse; you may need to do this several times. 300 nps
Don't stew over these clues too long! It's just a game in the end, right? Play Tomato Toss and send score twice, then return to clubhouse using the link at the bottom of the game screen. 350 nps
Remember, it's always best to search on a full stomach. Feed your pet at the Capri Sun fridge, then refresh the clubhouse page. 400 nps
Bonus Bonus prize for finding three pouches: 600 nps plus

Disco Squeaky Petpet Toy
You'll have to brush up on your knowledge if you want to find this pouch. Answer the trivia questions correctly and refresh the Clubhouse page. You may have to do this several times. 450 nps
Don’t drive yourself loony looking for this pouch! Relax for a bit… maybe enjoy a game or two. Play Capri Sun Splash Bash at least twice, then return to clubhouse using the link on the game screen. 500 nps
Did you really think the Disrespectoids only had one clubhouse? Think again! Visit the offite links a few times (Respect the Pouch and Nick). Refresh the Clubhouse screen and check your task list. 550 nps
Bonus Bonus prize for finding six pouches: 1490 nps plus

Torn White Gym Socks
The best way to respect the pouch? Go directly to the source. Visit the offsite link for Respect the Pouch a few times (on the clubhouse door). Refresh the Clubhouse screen and check your task list. 600 nps
Looking for a pouch? The Disrespectoids might know the answer... if you play their little games. Play a few games of:
Capri Sun Sandy Mandy
Kraft Capri Sun Tomato Toss
Kraft Capri Sun Splash Bash
and return to the clubhouse by clicking the button after sending your score.
650 nps
Searching is easier with two. Why not get a friend involved? Send an ecard (click on the electronic device on the table Sandy Mandy and Chewie Stewie). 700 nps
Bonus Bonus prize for finding nine pouches: 275 nps plus

Dr Sloth Bucket and Spade Set
First rule of pouch recovery: Know your target. Learn the many ways of disrespecting the pouch, and you just might find what you're looking for. Watch the two videos. 750 nps plus

Beach Fun Pack

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